Chiefs Draft Countdown: #9 More Weapons

With a Head Coach like Andy Reid in the fold, there is always speculation around draft time he’s looking for the next best young quarterback to develop. However, as the 2015 off-season began yesterday, he already has a proven commodity in Alex Smith. That means the Kansas City Chiefs should go very heavy on the offensive side of the ball in next weeks NFL Draft.

To say Head Coach, Andy Reid, has any doubts that Quarterback, Alex Smith, can lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl is an understatement.

Two years ago he gave up a pair of second round picks to land the veteran quarterback. Last season the organization gave him a king’s ransom to secure his future in Kansas City for the short and long term.

As the players made it back to Kansas City on Monday to begin their off-season conditioning program, Smith took front and center as the man aimed at brining a championship to the Chiefs nation.

Entering his third year with the Chiefs there are no more excuses for Smith and his teammates to take that next step in securing the AFC West Championship and ending the teams horrific playoff losing streak. Even before the NFL draft officially yields a plum fresh crop of players in Kansas City, this team has enough to win now.

Still as the draft approaches, though Smith isn’t concerned about that at the moment, Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey have to be cognizant of the opportunity that awaits this football team in 2015.

I’ll go on record stating right now the Denver Broncos, with an aging quarterback, even though his name is Peyton Manning, winning more than 10 games this season and earning a Wild Card spot.

To that light, the Chiefs entire organization believes they have the quarterback to get that job done. However, there are still plenty of skeptics who will debate Smith’s merit as KC’s starter.

For those that don’t believe in Smith, the Chiefs brass did add Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin, bolster the offensive line with Guards Ben Grubbs and Paul Fanaika last month. That should fix some (not all) of the offensive woes that plagued this team a year ago.

In the upcoming draft next weekend, the Chiefs could land a starting center and another starting tackle to further enhance Smith’s chances to guide his team to the Promised Land.

Under Dorsey the Chiefs are committing to winning in the present and building their future fortunes with a fiscally sound roster year in and year out. However, this year is a bit different. If the Chiefs are going to do as I suggest, and win the AFC West, the upcoming draft can go a long ways toward that end in 2015 and beyond.

I know Reid likes to gather quarterback commodities as future stock options but in this draft, nothing suggests the 2015 class is anything but a three-man race. Sure another, Tom Brady, could emerge but the Chiefs don’t need to use one of their ten picks on the quarterback position.

Instead they need to shore up every hole they can fill on the offensive side of the ball. That means adding multiple offensive linemen, another pass catching tight end and a highly talented physical wide receiver. Even though this team has some glaring gaps on defense, focusing the balance of picks on the offense is the most prudent step this organization can make.

Sure it’s a risky move but one worth taking if the organization truly believes Smith is a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Top Stories