Chiefs Draft Countdown: #7 DGB?

If you ask any NFL scout, they could be in agreement that former Missouri Tigers Wide Receiver, Dorial Green-Beckham, might be the most talented at his position in the 2015 draft. In fact, he might be the best player overall. So are the rumblings accurate the Kansas City Chiefs have considerable interest in the standout receiver or is it just another orchestrated smokescreen?

On pure talent alone, former Missouri Tigers Wide Receiver, Dorial Green-Beckham, has the physical tools to shatter NFL records. With that said, he could also become a public relations nightmare with the baggage he’s carrying into the NFL from his time in Columbia.

I’m not really interested in highlighting his issues off the field because what else can be added except he did some mighty stupid things to get kicked off his college team.

It’s hard to dispute between all the allegations, facts and rumblings about DGB, nobody can deny he’s a gifted a wide receiver that could help NFL teams win multiple Super Bowls. In fact, a team like the Kansas City Chiefs, even with the addition of free agent stud, Jeremy Maclin, could use a man of DGB’s enormous talents.

The Chiefs met with DGB at the NFL Combines and a couple of days ago in Kansas City. I’m sure part of the idea they might consider DGB, as we do in our first Chiefs mock draft on Friday, they marvel at his talent.

A year ago at this time NFL teams were doing the Johnny Manzel dance. He was rumored to be going to about every NFL team in the first round. Though the national love for DGB isn’t quite at that level, teams are willing to accept his shortcomings.

Though Manzel ended up wasting the first year of professional football, and may never be a starter in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns ignored the obvious signs he wasn’t mature enough to play with the big boys of the sport.

Regardless of what the Browns knew about Manzel’s past, his fall from grace will impact how teams evaluate DGB. That’s why the Chiefs have kicked the tires on this local kid and are considering making him their first round pick.

To be fair, the Chiefs are considering a host of players at multiple positions of need including wide receiver, offensive line, linebacker and in their secondary.

However, to judge their actual interest in DGB, his visit in Kansas City this week was leaked to the national press. That generally doesn’t happen with the Chiefs unless they want the news to get out or they are genuine about drafting him next week.

For my money, DGB is either going to be the reincarnation of All World Receiver, Calvin Johnson, or as many predict, he’ll become the next, Jonathan Baldwin. Whatever he pans out to become in the NFL, the Chiefs have been thorough in their due diligence on the young man.

The reasons to pass on DGB are overwhelming. Yet the reasons to take the risk and draft the exciting receiver are equally compelling. If his mind, body and the remorse he feels for his mistakes in college are in unison, he’s worthy of being taken in the first round.

On the other hand, if he hasn’t learned anything from his past or he continues to show an immense amount of immaturity, he will slip into the second round. At that point, the risk and the financial compensation to draft him would be marginal at best for the Chiefs or any other NFL team.

That means, until he’s selected, he’ll be the most talked about college prospect to watch as the first round drama unfolds Thursday evening.

If the Chiefs do take the risk whenever their on the clock next week on the talented receiver, I’m probably going to be critical of it and praise the risk factor should he become the Chiefs newest receiver.

Bashing the move will be an easy one but on the flip side, knowing Andy Reid, will be his head coach, mentor, teacher and father that might be equally fun to watch over the course of the 2015 season.

If you add Reid’s stability along with Chiefs wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and veteran, Jason Avant, they could take DGB under their wings and guide him through the troubling and challenging rookie waters. With Maclin, who is a former Missouri standout, I bet he’d welcome the babysitting job and help make the transition on and off the field a smooth one for his new teammate.

So should the Chiefs take the risk in round one whenever they’re officially on the clock and draft DGB?

Ask me in a week because I’m still on the fence. Top Stories