Chiefs Draft Countdown: #5 Winning Now

On Friday, Kansas City Chiefs General Manager, John Dorsey, talked to the media about the upcoming NFL draft, and to be honest, we really didn’t learn very much. What we should all assume is this team has been built to win in 2015, and if that's the case, every draft pick selected next week needs to reflect that singular mantra.

P>Throughout our pre-draft series, I’ve tried to prep Kansas City Chiefs fans for what I believe will be a wild and unpredictable ride for the hometown football team. My giddiness began on Monday when Head Coach, Andy Reid, spoke to the media for the first time.

The same goes for General Manager, John Dorsey when he addressed the media about the NFL draft, updated the Justin Houston saga and offered some dead pan honesty on all topics.

Dorsey looks at the NFL Draft in a way that is totally depended on what happens in front of him. He might have a guy another team selects that he covets go in front of him or another player might slide that ponders some internal debate in deciding to draft that young man.

He also talked about guys with high character that fit the type of team the Chiefs are building. It’s in perfect harmony to what Reid said last Monday about the players on the roster that need to step up. That only happens when the coaches and players are on the same page.

What both men preach is the belief this football team is poised to win now. Reid wouldn’t say it nor would Dorsey in their media sessions this week, but looking at this team as a whole, they have some championship qualities.

I know I’m being a bit redundant but the Chiefs should win the AFC West in 2015. I know the schedule is a killer but I like the match-ups defensively and offensively regardless of location.

Now I’m sure Reid and Dorsey might not share my thoughts on the schedule but it’s the one both men have to build their team around in 2015. That’s why this draft is so important. Equally valuable to this franchise will be some of the veteran names they can add to the roster in Mid-May.

At hand though is next weekends NFL draft. I’m at a complete loss as to which player KC will take at #18. I am convinced at only one thing; the Chiefs probably will change first round slots at some point next Thursday.

The value in this draft, and the reason I think the Chiefs are in the win now mode, lies within the second and third rounds. The quality of ready now NFL prospects have never seen a ceiling this high in over a decade.

To me, the first round has always been about popularity, flash, posturing and ego. More mistakes happen in round one than any other round in the draft.

For decades, the Chiefs whiffed in the first round. Under Reid and Dorsey, the jury remains out in regards to Left Tackle, Eric Fisher and Linebacker, Dee Ford. In 2015, we’re going to find out who and what they are for this franchise.

Both those players were selected based on need and potential future roster shake up. This time around the Chiefs head into the draft knowing they already possess a good football team. In fact, one in my view, that can be great this season.

Still with ten picks (for now) in hand, Dorsey might have to tinker with the best man on the board approach. Instead, he might want to go with feel and instinct. The biggest debate for that top pick might boil down to Wide Receiver, Dorial Green-Beckham and Center/Guard Cameron Erving.

Both could impact the Chiefs in 2015. However, each player comes with big question marks, Green-Beckham for his off the field shenanigans at Missouri and Erving because it’s not a lock he can play center at the NFL level on opening day.

Both have upside, and with the right coaching, each could be difference makers should they mature into starters in their respective rookie seasons. However, with the division prize in sight, Kansas City must be absolutely sure this first round pick has the ability to help the team win now.

I know that goes against the grain a bit but it’s likely those two, and a host of others on KC’s big board, will be available for the Chiefs whenever they select in the first round. However, this isn’t about round one. After that, the Chiefs have nine more picks. They can’t miss on any of them.

I’m not expecting the Chiefs to hit a home run with every pick. However, I expect three of them to start in 2015, three more in 2016 and the remainder to be solid back-ups over the next three or four years.

If that happens, then 2015, 2016 and 2017 could result in a trifecta of celebrations and championships. Top Stories