Chiefs Draft Countdown: #3 Strong or Weak?

In a few days, the Kansas City Chiefs will turn months of hard work and due diligence to play the biggest NFL slot machine in the game today. The NFL Draft is anything but an exact science. Instead, it’s loaded with extreme highs and job ending lows. So how critical is this draft for the boys in red?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve tried to give everyone my logical, and as some of you have pointed out, my illogical thoughts on the upcoming draft for the Kansas City Chiefs. With three days left, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On Tuesday, I’ll do my seven round mock draft and on Wednesday, I will give you my definitive first round pick for the Chiefs. However, today it’s about what’s truly at stake for this franchise between now and the completion of the draft on Saturday.

Over the next 72 hours, the Chiefs hope to conclude a new contract with Pro Bowl Linebacker, Justin Houston. Though I’m not willing to share some of the rumblings I’ve heard on the topic, I will conclude there is far more light at the end of this tunnel than before.

That nagging issue aside for the organization the Kansas City Chiefs will ascend with the other 31 NFL teams to participate in the annual collegiate draft in the windy city of Chicago beginning on Thursday.

In my eyes, this draft though is critical for the organization. With ten picks in hand (though I believe that number grows to 12 when it’s all said and done) in 2015, General Manager, John Dorsey has the opportunity to restock his franchise.

With a strong off-season, that shored up significant holes on the roster, Dorsey has the opportunity to strengthen his team. However, the perplexing decision facing the Chiefs General Manager might be whether to consider adding to his teams’ overall strength or shore up their weaknesses.

If you ask Head Coach, Andy Reid, I suspect he wants more offensive lineman, receivers and tight ends. On the flip side, Dorsey probably wants to address inside linebacker, cornerback and safety.

Logically with ten picks both can be accomplished. However, that doesn’t mean later in the draft, one side of the ball or the other will yield much impact this season. Though this franchise has been notoriously good at finding second and third day gems, it’s faltered on the first round.

I’m not going to bore you with the flops because I think those failures fell victim to the very point in this article. Past failures were philosophical in nature and failed to address the strength or weakness. Instead, it came down to sign-ability and too many indecisive voices.

For my money, I always want to add the strength in building your football team.

Entering this draft the Chiefs have glaring holes on both sides of the ball. They still need a pair of starting offensive lineman and another young wide receiver. On defense, Derrick Johnson and Eric Berry remain big question marks for this team, so I could see them go that route as well.

Dorsey isn’t one to shy away from drafting players with upside like he did with Eric Fisher (2013) and Dee Ford (2014) in the first round. Granted neither has made an impact yet but each could have solid 2015 season.

For this franchise, the window of opportunity to win the AFC West has opened for the Chiefs. The Broncos head into this season about to cash in their final Peyton Manning chip. It’s Super Bowl or rebuild for Denver. My guess it won’t end happily for Denver.

That’s what Dorsey and Reid have to understand entering this draft. Kansas City is clearly a better offensive team than a defensive one. Even if they made zero additions defensively, they can compete within the division if injured guys bounce back and some defenders mature on the field.

If the Chiefs go offensive line, wide receiver and tight end with their first trio of picks, it’s likely each could impact the offense this season. On the flip side, if they select inside linebacker, cornerback and safety, the same could be said.

The good news, outside of the center position, this draft is deep at virtually every position of need for the Chiefs. The crapshoot at hand though remains what to address first for the franchise and should they make a run on one side of the ball.

In round one, the Chiefs likely path to solving my debate, rests solely on what happens with the 17 picks in front of them. My money suggests the Chiefs will trade down into the mid twenties. In doing so, they could garner a late second round pick or third rounder to soften the debate.

As we sit three days until the draft, I’m for fixing the offense and tweaking the defense later in the draft. Also, once the Houston contract squabble ends, Kansas City will have some extra cash to add some veteran players in May.

So for me assuming the Chiefs have four picks in rounds one through three, I’d go offense. I’d take the best wide receiver, center, tackle and tight end I could find in no particular order.

After that, they can address the defense in any matter they choose via the draft or by signing veterans cut on or before May 12th. Top Stories