Chiefs Get a Steal with O’Shaughnessy

With their second compensatory pick in round five, the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t waste any time looking at their draft board for their next selection. What they found was Illinois State Tight End, James O’Shaughnessy. So what are they getting?

Probably one of the fastest late round rises at this position in this draft, Illinois State Tight End, James O’Shaughnessy, is a perfect fit for the Kansas City Chiefs. With Travis Kelce on the verge of NFL stardom, Andy Reid needed another pass catching tight end to expand his playbook. With this selection, the head coach has to be thrilled.

Though O’Shaughnessy isn’t a premier blocking tight end; the Chiefs are convinced he can get the job done within their offensive scheme. But make no mistake about it; the kid can catch the ball.

At 6’4” in stature, he’s a load to bring down once he makes the catch. Scouts praise his soft hands and the ability to get open in the middle of the field. Add those attributes, with enough girth to push his way off the line of scrimmage, the Chiefs probably made one of their better additions in day three of the NFL draft.

As we saw last season in Kansas City, Reid wants to run numerous two and three tight end sets. However, with injuries and inconsistencies at the position, he wasn’t able to do it enough to expand his game plans.

With Kelce, O’Shaughnessy and last years tight end project, Demetrius Harris, Reid has exactly what he needs at the position heading into the 2015 season.

Photo Credit: Tim Heltman Top Stories