What Can Brown Do for the Chiefs?

In the seventh round of the NFL draft, you never know what you’re going to get. To date, the Kansas City Chiefs upgraded their wide receiver position in free agency and in this draft. However that didn’t stop Kansas City from drafting Northern Illinois receiver, Da’Ron Brown with their final draft pick of the day.

If you read the scouting reports on Northern Illinois Wide Receiver, Da’Ron Brown, you might be scratching your NFL IQ wondering why the Kansas City Chiefs drafted him in round seven.

On the field, he runs decent routes, works well in open spaces and can slip past defenders on slants and crossing patterns.

The knock on his game has been consistency. Though he has decent speed sometimes he doesn’t excel to the ball. He’s better suited in my opinion because of his size and frame to be a slot receiver. I say that because when he’s at his best, he relies on his hands to start every catch.

The fact he’s a physical receiver is a good thing. He’s also an accomplished blocker who never backs away from taking his defender out of any running play. So he does have some fire in him and that might be the reason the Chiefs took him in the seventh round.

So if has solid hands, the ability to make yards after the catch, then why did most NFL experts think he was destined for the undrafted round of free agency?

I’m not sure that can be answered at this point.

What I do know is Brown has the ability to become a solid possession receiver at the NFL level. To that point, there were certainly better receivers on the board in my opinion but the Chiefs felt he was worthy of a seventh round pick.

With the success the Chiefs had in this entire draft, I’m finding it hard to argue to much with their last pick.

Photo Credits Rick Osentoski & Mike Dinovo USA Today Sports

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