Kansas City Chiefs Draft Grades

In the aftermath of the three-day NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs had a singular goal in mind. They had to find players that would enhance their roster. Consider that mission accomplished. So how does each player grade out?

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Marcus Peters
Washington / 6'0 / 197 lbs
  • CB
  • [1] #18


When he played Peters was a super talent on the Huskies defense. Peters had 48 third down stops and five on fourth down against the pass. He also showed the ability to reroute wide receivers almost 44% of the time. Peters finished with 129 tackles, deflected 25 passes, and had 11 interceptions. This is an explosive cornerback with good size (6-0/197). He can flip his hips, turn and run with anyone. Peters has a quick burst, is terrific in the air and is not afraid in run support. He also has anger issues and was kicked off the Washington team last fall because of arguing with the Huskie coaching staff.

Dave-Te' Thomas Player Evaluation

CB Marcus Peters Draft Grade (A) - In taking a chance on Washington Cornerback, Marcus Peters, the Kansas City Chiefs threw caution to the wind. In years past, Peters wasn’t the type of player you’d find on the teams draft board. The fact, the Chiefs spent so much time with Peters up close and personal before Thursday evening, tells me they identified him as a must get player in the first round.

After being selected, he made it clear he regrets his actions that got him kicked off the Huskies program. After some reflection, a newborn to raise, and the opportunity ahead with the Chiefs, this a far safer pick than one would have thought going into the draft. His talents are off the charts, and for this defense, he’s the first shut down cornerback, this roster has seen since the likes of Dale Carter.

Marcus Peters Quote - “I take sole responsibility on that because it was on me to make that situation better for me and my teammates. So I owned up to everything like I did to every team and just told them that, ‘if you take me, I am going to give you my all.’ I am here to learn, I am here to take criticism from Coach Andy Reid, criticism from Coach Al (Harris). And I am just here to get better.”

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Mitch Morse
Missouri / 6'5 / 305 lbs
  • OG
  • [2] #17


Center was a position of need for the Chiefs and at this spot they feel confident that former Missouri Tiger can transition from tackle to the interior of their offensive line. He's smart, has good size and even better footwork. Morse has good flexibility, strength and shows the ability to get out of his stance. There will be a time of transition for Morse but he looks like a find for Kansas City and their future center.

Dave-Te' Thomas Player Evaluation

C Mitch Morse Draft Grade: (B+) - When the Kansas City Chiefs brass hit the second round they focused on UCLA Linebacker, Eric Kendricks. When he was drafted a few picks earlier by the Minnesota Vikings, General Manager, JOhn Dorsey, had to re-adjust his draft board.

What Dorsey came up with was a versatile offensive lineman who could probably start at center in 2015 for Kansas City. In drafting, Missouri offensive lineman, Mitch Morse, the Chiefs are getting, what can be best described as a brawler. He’s strong, ridiculously athletic for a man his size, and versatile enough to play all three positions at the point of attack.

After the selection, Dorsey made it clear he could play center for Kansas City. That meant Eric Kush, the man many believed would be the teams starter this year, will have some competition in training camp. Either way, even if Kush wins the job, Morse offers instant depth on the offensive line and could start at either guard or tackle.

Mitch Morse Quote - “If I have to move back to that position I’ll be just fine. I’ve accepted the 2012 season. I’ve learned a lot from it. I had a lot of game time experience at center if that’s where the Kansas City Chiefs need me to play. I feel confident going forward that I can be a good asset to the Chiefs if need be at center.”

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Chris Conley
Georgia / 6'2 / 213 lbs
  • WR
  • [3] #12

WR Chris Conley Draft Grade (B) - There has to be something in the water at the University of Georgia the Chiefs like because they keep drafting players from the SEC school. The addition of Wide Receiver, Chris Conley to the roster completes an off-season upgrade where the team already added veteran, Jeremy Maclin in free agency. With Conley on the roster, he has the receiving chops to line up opposite the Chiefs new free agent receiver.

What Conley offers is more size than Maclin. Don’t get me wrong there is zero comparison between the two receivers at the moment. However, Conley has speed, great hands and runs terrific routes. He’s a perfect fit for the Chiefs offense and offers another weapon for Andy Reid to unveil in 2015.

Chris Conley Quote - “Yeah, I talked to Aaron (Murray) multiple times. He loves it up there. It’s funny because he’s told me multiple times, ‘Hey man, I wish they would take you. I wish they would get you in here.’ He texted me as soon as they made the pick and was telling me congratulations and hey, get ready to come and grind with me again. So I’m looking forward to being reunited with an old teammate.”

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Steven Nelson
Oregon State / 5'10 / 197 lbs
  • CB
  • [3] #34


Nelson is yet another draft prospect that had to go the junior college route before %%MATCH_15%% State. In two seasons for the Beavers, Nelson started 21 of 25 games, finishing with 122 tackles, eight interceptions and 12 pass deflections. This is a versatile defensive back who has the talent and skill set to play virtually anywhere in the secondary. That will be an added bonus once he gets to the NFL. In the meantime, look for him as a press cornerback. Nelson’s physical and strong. He also has good speed and even better short area quickness.

Dave-Te' Thomas Player Evaluation

CB Steven Nelson Draft Grade (A) - I though this was one of the best picks in round three by any team. The Oregon State standout reminds me of Kevin Ross. He plays an in your face style of defense at the cornerback position that should fit nicely with the talents of first round pick, Marcus Peters.

Though he’s small in stature, don’t let that fool you. He’s strong enough to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage and he accelerates to the ball. His skillset is so advanced he can play inside or outside. The Chiefs needed to upgrade the cornerback position, and I could see a time when Peters and Nelson, will be playing opposite one another on their respective defensive islands.

Steven Nelson Quote - “That doesn’t really matter to me. I see guys get drafted in the second round at 5-8 so that’s a bunch of bull to me, I mean if a guy can play he can play. Like I said, they can say what they can say, I know what I can do on the field, I know my instincts, it’s just football. I’ve been doing this forever so it just is what it is.”

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Ramik Wilson
Georgia / 6'2 / 237 lbs
  • MLB
  • [4] #19

ILB Ramik Wilson Draft Grade (B-) - In 2013, Wilson was a beast on the field. He flew to the ball, racked up triple digit tackles and was a force on defense for the Georgia Bulldogs. Last season he wasn’t as strong statistically but he fills a huge void for the Chiefs defense.

Dorsey already projects Wilson as a weak side linebacker so that ends that debate. That’s a good thing because the Chiefs are relatively thin at inside linebacker. Some don’t feel Wilson is an every down defender but I argue differently. His cover skills are good, he stuffs the run and he can chase down a quarterback.

Ramik Wilson Quote - “I would say my motor. I play hard, I play fast, I’m a sure tackler. I’m very reliable, coachable. Areas I would say I need to work on, probably pad-level. I need to play lower and getting in the grooves of everything. Other than that, I’m ready to go.”

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D.J. Alexander
Oregon State / 6'2 / 223 lbs
  • OLB
  • [5] #36

ILB D.J. Alexander Draft Grade (C+) - Much like the Wilson pick, Alexander can play inside linebacker. He played outside linebacker at Oregon State but he’ll move inside for Kansas City because of his lack of size.

That aside, of all the Chiefs draft picks, he’s a complete wild card for me. He has amazing speed, closes on the ball quickly, so that makes him a solid special teams candidate right out of the gate. Either way, the Chiefs needed to draft depth at the position and they accomplished that with Alexander and Wilson.

D.J. Alexander Quote - “When I came on my visit I told all the coaches there, the defensive coordinator, that I love special teams. That’s kind of how I stuck my foot in at Oregon State. It was on special teams. So I plan on doing whatever it takes to get on the team with Kansas City and contributing as much as I can to help us win games.”

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James O'Shaugnessy
Illinois State / 6'4 / 248 lbs
  • TE
  • [5] #37
TE James O’Shaughnessy Draft Grade (A-) - Three years from now this singular pick might be one people talk about in regards to third day draft gems. I was shocked he was still on the board when Dorsey called his name.

He’s a pass catching machine with long arms and force over the middle of the field. The idea that O’Shaughnessy and Travis Kelce will line up together on the field brings a smile to my face and the coaching staff that gets to design plays for the tight end combo this season. “I’m very excited. I watched Travis Kelce over the years. Obviously he is a tremendous tight end, extremely talented and does so many things. His versatility is extremely impressive at the tight end position, which makes me even more ecstatic to be able to be a young guy, to be able to see from an older guy like him and learn from the things he does.”

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Rakeem Nunez-Roches
Souther Miss / 6'2 / 307 lbs
  • DT
  • [6] #41
DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches Grade (A-) - The young defensive tackle appears to be another third day gem pulled off by the Chiefs General Manager. In talking to a scout I trust, he told me that Nunez-Roches had all the tools and heart to play in the NFL for a decade.

That’s all I needed to hear before I was sold on his overall talents. As I mentioned in my wrap on him yesterday, Nunez-Roches, skills are so advanced he can be a three down defensive tackle for the Chiefs. That means he can spell, Dontari Pie for a series or two in any given half.

Rakeen Nunez-Roches Quote - “Every coach, they always tell us they can’t teach effort, they can’t teach running to the ball. That’s one thing I always emphasize on myself. Nobody will ever beat me to the ball, nobody will ever make the tackle before me. I know realistically it can’t be like that, but in my mind, that’s how I play.”

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Daron Brown
Northern Illinois / 6'0 / 205 lbs
  • WR
  • [7] #16
WR Da'Ron Brown Grade (B-) - Though I had other receivers graded much higher on the board at the receiver position, Brown has a decent set of skills. His hands are solid, though drops plagued him at times at Illinois State. However, he can be a seem splitter and that’s something the Chiefs had to like when they were scouting there new receiver.

However what attracted the Chiefs to Brown beyond his pass catching abilities, the fact he loves to block. I mean he really loves to hit people that could be a huge asset on bubble screens and special teams for Kansas City.

Da’Ron Brown Quote - “As a receiver my strengths are my catching ability. I’ve been able to make a few plays happen. I’m physical in the run game as well. Some things to work on overall just to improve your overall game, you can never stop getting better."

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