Time for Alex Smith to Deliver

When the Kansas City Chiefs cut quarterback, Terrelle Pryor on Tuesday hardly anyone noticed. With Alex Smith the incumbent starter, the position remains a big strength for this franchise. However, that doesn’t mean Head Coach, Andy Reid, won’t tinker with the position should Smith not get the job done this season.

When Quarterback, Terrelle Pryor signed in January, it was a bit of a mystery but I suspect the Kansas City Chiefs wanted another camp arm. However, if rumblings are accurate the team is going to add a pair of undrafted free agent quarterbacks, Bo Wallace and Cody Sokol; Pryor was no longer needed in KC.

Still that won’t cool the banter within the Chiefs nation because most feel Alex Smith isn’t the answer. I beg to differ. Even with my resolve though the man has to deliver the goods in 2015.

To that statement, I believe Smith is the real deal. If the Chiefs continue to rebuild the remainder of their offensive line between now and training camp, then Smith will have plenty of time in the pocket to throw the ball anywhere on the field he chooses.

At the moment, the offensive line includes a pair of new starting guards, center and right tackle. Even though they’ve not taken a snap together on the practice field, this line is vastly improved from a year ago.

To this point of his career, the knock on Smith has been his unwillingness to throw the rock down the field. But I say, that opinion holds marginal water at best. When you consider Smith spent most of the 2014 campaign, either running for his life or flat on his back, he did the best he could under the circumstances.

There’s zero debate in my mind Smith can win a playoff game in Kansas City, and should KC reach a Super Bowl on his watch, deliver a victory.

Smith enters the season blessed with playmakers at wide receiver, tight end and running back lowering the debate he can’t get the job done. On the field, he doesn’t throw an abundance of interceptions and generally makes good decisions when given the time in the pocket to survey the field.

The fact this offense has yet to find a groove or any real consistency the last two years rests solely on the lack of line play up front. You can’t blame Smith for all the failures of this offense because the receiving core has been woeful two years in a row. Sure he had a hand in some of it but the man needs time to throw the ball.

In my view, 2015 is the year in which we get to see what Smith can do with a better offensive cast on the field. The organization spent significant resources adding Wide Receiver, Jeremy Maclin and guards, Ben Grubbs and Paul Fanaika. Add those off-season bodies with draft picks, Center Mitch Morse and Wide Receiver, Chris Conley; suddenly KC has the makings of a terrific offense.

Still not convinced Smith can get the job done? Then just add Tight End Travis Kelce and Running Back, Jamaal Charles into the mix and this team might be able to score 28 points per game.

If that occurs, even with a daunting schedule, the Chiefs defense should be able to hold opponents to under 21 points per game. Granted they’re going to be facing some top shelf offenses in 2015, I’m still confident this group has made enough off-season additions; they’re going to be pretty solid defensively.

However, fans won’t be judging the defense if the team falls flat in 2015. Instead, all eyes will be on Smith. Despite my praise, this is a critical year for Smith and the organization at the quarterback position.

With Chase Daniel set to be a free agent in 2016; the future of this franchise might rest on the golden right arm of Quarterback, Aaron Murray. To me, he’s the guy who takes over the reigns in 2017.

However, Reid has to get Murray ready to play this year in the event Smith gets hurt or falters miserably so he can be the man next season.

For now based on the teams recent additions, the franchise is in good hands with Smith. He understands the pressure at his feet to deliver, not only a division title, but also a playoff win for this franchise.

Anything less than accomplishing both goals would almost certainly be considered a failure at the position. Should that indeed be the case, the Chiefs might have a new starter in 2016.

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