If the Cowboys are Willing?

This week Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, indicated his team would be willing to part with a 2016 first round draft pick for a premier player. Well it so happens the Kansas City Chiefs have a player that would perfectly fit the bright lights of Big D!

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen some big time trades in the NFL. We thought we’d see more via the draft but it was nothing like the deals the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks made or those between the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills at the onset of free agency.

Now a week after the conclusion of the NFL Draft, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, set the bar even higher for some more off-season possibilities. After going out on limb to sign La’el Collins post draft, Dallas appears to have cashed in most of its remaining chips for a Super Bowl run in 2015.

In Kansas City, the Chiefs appear temporarily on hold when it comes to signing free agents. Though we’ve confirmed most of their upcoming undrafted class, and a few possible veteran additions, the roster for now appears set.

However what lingers is the status of Linebacker, Justin Houston. I could give you the long extended version of the stalemate between these two sides but I’d probably take it on the chin based on the fact I’m 100% behind Chiefs management on this battle.

Though I will not confirm the outrageous sum of money the Chiefs have guaranteed his agent, Joel Segal, for the services of his client, I can only come to the conclusion that Houston really doesn’t want to be a Chief.

Now of course that could change if the young man comes to his senses by taking the boatload of cash on the table before it’s too late. Not so much that the Chiefs pull the offer but we’ve already seen two season ending injuries in Jacksonville and Denver without a single game being played.

If the Chiefs believe Houston isn’t factoring in the loss of funds should he get injured simply working out on his own, then why not call the Cowboys to see if Jerry Jones was bluffing. It’s clear Dallas isn’t going to land Minnesota Vikings Running Back, Adrian Peterson. So why not make a run for Houston?

In order to get this deal done, the Cowboys would need to create a little cap space. They’ve been trying to restructure the contract of former Chiefs Cornerback, Brandon Carr, but to date he’s refuse.

If the Chiefs swapped Houston for Carr and took the Cowboys 2016 first round pick, I could see a scenario where everybody wins in the battle of unhappy football players.

By doing this deal, the Chiefs would go on the offense publicly indicating they did everything possible to sign Houston. To support their stance, I would gladly spill the beans on the money I’ve heard he’s turned down to date.

The Cowboys defense would get that edge rusher that would dominate in the NFC East. In fact, I could see Houston breaking the sack record much easier playing against NFC teams than AFC teams.

For Carr, it would be a return home and I do think he’d welcome the opportunity to play for the Chiefs again. The only reason he left a few years ago was his disdain for then General Manager, Scott Pioli.

If Carr were to return to the Chiefs, then KC could part ways with veteran, Sean Smith, saving the team nearly $5 million in cap space. In swapping Carr for Houston, the Chiefs would also be switching one high salary for another that both teams can absorb.

I know this deal makes as much sense as it is far fetched to think it will happen. However, the longer this ridiculous Houston situation continues, I’m afraid the team chemistry that exits today in Kansas City, could be compromised if Houston continues to ignore the Chiefs willingness to pay him a kings ransom.

At some point, Chairman Clark Hunt, Head Coach Andy Reid, and General Manager John Dorsey, need to consider the fact that Houston doesn’t want to be in KC any longer. Thus collectively they need to do something about it.

To further the point, I’m already making the Chiefs the favorite to win the AFC West this season. If they have Houston, I like their chances to win one perhaps a pair of post-season games. Without Houston, it might be tougher, but I’d say this offense might be able to carry their post-season weight without their pro bowl linebacker.

Then again having another shut down corner in Carr on the field would immensely help this defense. He'd be the perfect mentor for KC's first rand third round picks, Marcus Peters and Steven Nelson.

If my assessments are accurate on this hypothesis, I’d be calling the Cowboys to get this deal done.

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