Chiefs Roster All But Set

With the Kansas City Chiefs continuing their off-season workouts today, it’s clear both Head Coach, Andy Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, probably aren’t going to add another impact player between now and the start of the season. So is this roster good enough to compete for a Super Bowl?

After three days of intense practices between draft picks and other roster hopefuls, the Kansas City Chiefs appear to be set in regards to their 2015 roster. Sure its possible the brass might bring in another veteran or two, but it’s unlikely another roster candidate is going to have an impact that’s going to sway the teams fortunes this season.

At first glance, it’s impossible to ignore this is the best combination of veterans and diaper dandies this franchise has put together in a very long time. Sure it has some shortcomings, and some unproven commodities as key position, but every NFL can say the same thing in May.

Head Coach Andy Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, appear to be as relaxed and confident as two men can be entering year three of their reclamation project. I stated this a couple of weeks ago, and it bares repeating, I’m amazed how quickly this roster has gone from one of the leagues worst to one of its best.

Now the latter might be a stretch for some to believe because let’s face it this franchise hasn’t won a playoff game since the Joe Montana era. Regardless, the Chiefs appear to have a roster that’s ready to erase their playoff drought.

In looking at the roster, the Chiefs are solid at every position on the board. Offensively, they’ve rebuilt their offensive line, have one of the best receivers in the game, seasoned NFL quarterback plus a young dynamic tight end and a world class running back.

Defensively they posses a solid defensive line, versatile linebackers and a secondary filled with depth that can play in your face defense within the treacherous AFC West waters.

As I look at the AFC West, it appears the Chiefs had one of the best off-seasons of the four candidates to win the division this season.

The Denver Broncos went all in a year ago and whiffed on getting back to the Super Bowl. This season they’ll be riding the 39-year old arm of Peyton Manning. Still I can’t see with some significant holes on offense it’s doubtful they’ll win more than 10 games in 2015.

The San Diego Chargers might have added the division’s top draftee in Wisconsin Running Back, Melvin Gordon. He’s a game changer that will do nothing but make their offense one of the best in the NFL.

On the west coast, the Oakland Raiders spent a whole lot of cash in the off-season. They are rising fast and with wide receiver, Amari Cooper in the fold, suddenly this team won’t be the push over it’s been the last several years.

That leaves the Chiefs who probably had the best mix of free agent signees, trades and draft picks giving them the off-season edge on paper.

Still that doesn’t mean they’re going to make me look good with my prediction they’ll host a playoff game at Arrowhead in January and hopefully return to the Super Bowl. Instead time will ultimately be the final judge and jury on those items.

So until then, the Chiefs overall roster makeup appears to be on the right track.

Photo Courtesy of Kirby Lee USA Today Sports Top Stories