Chiefs Competitive Edge

With all the talk of ‘Deflate-Gate’ hovering the minds of every sports talk show in the nation, I’m reminded in Kansas City, we don’t have to deal with that madness. The Chiefs have been a franchise that’s done its best to do things the right way. Still winning and losing is a fine line, but championship success generally boils down to the talent on the field, not the nonsense off the field.

I’ve been a Kansas City Chiefs fan my entire life. In fact, it will ultimately be the longest committed relationship in regards to time, I will ever achieve on this planet. The Chiefs, much like most of you, live in my soul. I bleed red when they lose games and I sing their praises euphorically when they win games.

As a fan, the Chiefs have brought out my worst fandom and my best. As a reporter, I try to be objective, but let’s be honest; being a fan of the AFC West team can be absolutely frustrating to a maddening level.

Still, no matter which up or down I feel on any given Sunday, I know my team doesn’t bend the rules, and generally finds success or failure on the merits of the 53-man roster.

With OTA sessions in full swing until June’s mandatory mini-camp, I enter the 2015 season with far less worries about this team than at any point in my recent memory.

Perhaps my calmness has to do with the success of the Kansas City Royals and their quest to win a World Series. Though I do believe I’ll see a Chiefs Super Bowl victory in my lifetime, I marvel in the fact that both franchises have done things the right way.

The Royals went through a painstaking alteration 10 years ago when General Manager, Dayton Moore arrived. The same can be said for Head Coach, Andy Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, when they arrived in January of 2013.

It would have been easy for both franchises to cut corners and do some crazy things. Each refrained from going overboard and developed a solid plan that had the overwhelming support of ownership. In baseball, it’s far more time consuming to turn around a franchise from 100 game losers to World Series contender. In football, the time is significantly shorter because college football grooms players to become NFL standouts much faster than baseballs minor leagues can develop stars on the diamond.

The Royals run since last June has been impressive. The Chiefs run the last two seasons, has been equally impressive. Granted the Royals made it to the seventh game of the World Series, and the Chiefs have yet to win a playoff game under their current regime, but that’s about to change.

Again in the aftermath of all the swell of emotion surrounding the New England Patriots, it just makes me appreciate that we don’t have to deal with that ridiculousness in Kansas City.

If we’re being honest, scuffing a baseball, deflating footballs, and a variety of other shenanigans are in the DNA of both sports. The competitive edge on the field is brutal. However, showing class and developing a plan for long-range success based on the talent of your roster, makes me proud to be fans of the Royals and Chiefs.

Even though the Chiefs hit rock bottom two years ago, they resisted from crazy spending and sacrificing their future to rebuild a roster that was broken at the end of the 2012 season. They came into town with a plan to win multiple AFC West titles and return to the Super Bowl.

Though it’s been frustrating at times the Chiefs have always maintained a class that should be the rival of many of the franchises in the NFL. Yes it’s not been easy to be a fan for either team but isn’t it refreshing that both franchises appear to be in the same place at the same time.

I used to be jealous of the city of Boston for it’s success with the Patriots and Red Sox. I could not believe their propensity for post-season magic. I wondered out loud if I’d ever see that success with the Royals and Chiefs in Kansas City?

Thankfully, I’m not wondering about that very item any longer. The Patriots and Reid Sox have had their time in the sun.

In Kansas City, the fact 30,000 fans showed up for a Wednesday night baseball game with temperatures teetering in the high 40’s, and the fact the bitter cold of a winters day can’t stop Arrowhead from filling her belly with 78,000 screaming fans, brings a smile to my face.

The Chiefs might not become World Champions this season but at least they’ve gone about their business with class and executed their extreme makeover in plain view of their rabid fan base.

In the end, the Chiefs organization, much like the Royals have already done, will let the players on the field determine their championship destiny by the merits of their abilities as athletes and human beings. They don’t have to be perceived as anything but winners in their pursuit to be competitive in facing any opponent this season. Top Stories