Perfect Fit for Player and Coach

Perhaps I’m overlooking the impact of the Chiefs new offensive line but I’m far more excited about KC’s high prized free agent wide receiver. In signing, Jeremy Maclin, Head Coach, Andy Reid, has a weapon these parts haven’t seen in a long time.

When ESPN leaked the news before free agency began the Kansas City Chiefs had a deal in principle with former Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver, Jeremy Maclin, it was like unwrapping the best Christmas gift ever.

Thoughts of Maclin and Head Coach, Andy Reid, working together again should ease fans in Kansas City to forget the sad fact, not a single wide receiver caught a touchdown pass.

I’ll go on record right now and state that franchise futility of a year ago ends in the season opener against the Houston Texans.

In signing Maclin, the Chiefs posses a legitimate top shelf receiver on the field. The fact Kansas City managed to bring him to the heartland in the prime of his career has to be the biggest move this franchise has made since Reid arrived.

Sure Quarterback, Alex Smith, was a solid move but the jury (at least within the fan base) remains this teams most debatable issue. Yet with the addition of Maclin, Smith could have a career year that includes a post-season victory.

Thus far in OTA sessions Maclin has shown the rest of his teammates he means business. Even though the team is engaged in non-contact drills, Maclin is getting his jersey dirty.

“That’s him, that’s 100% him. That’s how he plays. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, if it’s a practice, if it’s shorts. That’s how he rolls. That’s the beauty of him,” Reid stated about his $55 million wide receiver.

The fact Maclin is diving for footballs, running full speed and practicing as if it were game day in OTA sessions, should do wonders for the rest of his offensive teammates. The fact, despite objections from the head coach, Maclin has that attitude and determination in May, says a lot about the young man.

”There are certain guys though that if they’re close to the ball, they’re going to go for it. It doesn’t matter what you tell them, some guys are just going to do that. You don’t want that, but that sometimes happens,” Reid stated.

Beyond anything else Maclin brings a humble persona to a team that prides itself in high character guys. It’s been well noted since Reid and General Manger, John Dorsey, came to Kansas City they have successfully changed the culture in the locker room.

In adding a superstar like Maclin, the Chiefs might be the favorites to win the AFC West. The fact he chose the Chiefs over re-signing with the Eagles, tells me more than anything, Maclin wanted to play in Kansas City.

That item can’t be lost in evaluating the reason he came to the Chiefs. The fact, he could have signed with any NFL team, but chose Kansas City, makes this acquisition the most critical player move in the modern day history of this franchise. By signing Maclin, Kansas City gave notice to the rest of the NFL this franchise means business, and has set it sights on a division championship.

Though this discussion proves worthy in May, we might not see the results of this move until opening day. If Maclin can remain healthy, there are no boundaries for this offense. With Smith, Maclin, Jamaal Charles and Travis Kelce in the starting lineup, opposing defenses must account for their every move on the field.

Thus with the signing of Maclin, and the anticipated on the field reunion with Reid this season, the two could produce some Gatorade dumping celebrations in the months of December and January at Arrowhead Stadium. Top Stories