Once Upon a Time

On Tuesday, before the start of the teams mandatory mini-camp, the Kansas City Chiefs released fringe wide receiver, Da’Rick Rogers. Is this a big deal? Probably not but it does change the direction of the organization and it could bring into question the future of Quarterback, Tyler Bray in KC.

In cutting journeyman wide receiver, Da’Rick Rogers, it ends the rekindling reunion of Tyler Bray to Rodgers touchdown show that put the duo put on the map at the University of Tennessee. Once upon a time the two were an item but that was before transfers at the college level and suspensions for the receiver and injuries to the quarterback setting back his NFL career.

So does this move spell out anything in regards to the future of Bray in Kansas City as a legitimate quarterback candidate? Probably not if I were to be honest. Instead, it would appear the Chiefs have already moved on from Rogers opening the door for receiver, Chris Conley, another SEC standout, the chance for a brighter future in Kansas City.

Rogers is gone and Bray is still rehabilitating his knee away from the eyes of the organization. And if you let the draft picks tell the story, it seems General Manager, John Dorsey and Head Coach, Andy Reid have their eyes on a different SEC dynamic duo from the University of Georgia.

One day the Chiefs future might be Aaron Murray to Chris Conley. In reality today, it’s Alex Smith to Conley.

Still it’s worth noting the Chiefs thought Bray and Rogers had potential. In reality, both are a reminders of the toll college football players must endure chasing their NFL dreams.

As I stated in my last column, Conley appears to the real deal. In fact, Smith now has a player with size, speed and instincts to begin the process of establishing an on-field partnership that could make KC’s offense diverse in 2015. In fact, that potential success between the duo, could dispel the once upon time scenario that has plagued this team at certain positions for a long time.

But let’s not kid ourselves not many Chiefs fans ever felt Bray to Rogers would amount to anything in Kansas City. That statement was designed to put Bray delusions on the shelf momentarily, because that’s where he is in reality.

As Bray continues to rehabilitate his knee after suffering a torn ACL playing basketball; he sits behind Smith, Chase Daniel and Murray on the depth chart. In fact, to give you true value of his place on the roster, the Chiefs signed Terrelle Pryor as a reaction to his efforts to regenerate his one shining basketball moment.

Now Pryor, Rogers and probably Bray will be footnotes to the Kansas City Chiefs 2015 roster. That’s not to say it’s impossible for the latter duo to make a future impact on an NFL roster in or out of Kansas City. Yet in regards to the injured quarterback, the Chiefs might be best served to move on from Bray and concentrate on developing Murray.

On the surface, today’s move has little to do with Conley or Bray. It’s just another day in KC’s off-season that includes some roster shuffling and media speculation.

The bottom line all the Chiefs did was clear a roster spot at a position that was a statistical low point in 2014. Then again, perhaps in making a trio of moves on Tuesday that left open a roster spot, the Chiefs might be adding a veteran that could really impact the roster.

So for the moment, let’s put the once upon a time story book to sleep.

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