Grubbs Stands Tall on KC's O-Line

When the Kansas City Chiefs traded away a 2015 draft pick for veteran Guard, Ben Grubbs, they gave notice the inner guts of their offensive line a year ago, needed improvement.

Even though rumblings suggest veteran Guard, Evan Mathis, might be flirting with the Chiefs to change zip codes, that doesn’t mean KC’s offensive line isn’t in good shape today. With Ben Grubbs in the fold, Kansas City has infused an experienced lineman into the mix that should bring stability to a group that lacked it a year ago.

Last year KC’s line did everything they could to open up holes for Running Back, Jamaal Charles and protect the backside of Quarterback, Alex Smith. For the most part, they failed at both.

This year that’s all going to change.

If the season started today, the starting five might line-up as follows: LT Eric Fisher, G Ben Grubbs, C Eric Kush, G Mitch Morse and RT Jeff Allen. Though that might not be set in stone because the team may still sign Mathis or find a place for Paul Fanaika or Zach Fulton.

Of course the decision naming those five starters will be up to Head Coach, Andy Reid. For Grubbs, he doesn’t have to worry about a starting spot but he sure does respect the man coaching him on the sidelines.

“He makes everyone better,” Grubbs said about the goal of the head coach. “Competition makes everyone better. He wants the best five guys in there playing for him and I agree with that philosophy.”

When General Manager, John Dorsey, pulled the trigger on making the trade with the New Orleans Saints, it was clear that he wanted to bring talent, experience and a sense of professionalism to his offensive line.

In the couple months since Grubbs arrived in Kansas City, he’s felt right at home with his new teammates and the environment they’re creating for the upcoming season.

“I would say the one thing that excites me is really just the character of these guys, we don’t have any selfish guys. We have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Everybody is being a team player, we love and care for one another. That was something that I really appreciated once I came here. It really is a family environment, ” Grubbs said.

Grubbs has been in the NFL wars a long time and his contributions to this team will certainly set the table for the pace of KC’s revamped offensive line.

The fact he’ll line up next to former first round pick, Eric Fisher, can do nothing but improve the maturation process in the NFL. In fact when Dorsey made the trade, you know finding a veteran presence to stand next to his first ever draft pick, made the trade a no brainer for KC’s General Manager.

Add that with the fact Grubbs signed a new contract to make the transition from the Saints to the Chiefs that much sweeter, he’s adjusting well to his new team.

Now comes the hard part. With mini-camp ending on Thursday, he has about five weeks to get ready for training camp. The plan ahead is to take a week off and then use that veteran knowledge to get ready for his first trip to St. Joe in late July.

For now, he can regroup a bit and starting thinking about what lies ahead as one of the Chiefs best five offensive lineman. >Photo Courtesy of Kyle Terada USA Today Sports Images Top Stories