Stability Guides Reid

When it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff, everyone knows about the Walrus, Big Red as he’s referred to in the Heartland. Though the Super Bowl is his quest there is no doubt he’s one of the finest and most colorful coaches in the NFL.

Andy Reid, something about that name is reassuring, it’s a NFL commodity. The name Reid is top notch, and it instantly brings credibility to the historic franchise, Lamar Hunt built for the Chiefs nation.

For more than a decade, Reid walked the sidelines as the Philadelphia Eagles head coach. In the city of brotherly love, they recall every win and every loss. Currently, Reid is respected sort of like Dan Marino, in that ‘but he never won it all, type of respect. Nevertheless, respect it is, and it’s safe to proclaim that Reid is a popular sports figure that knows how to win in the NFL.

These days, the football world knows that Reid resides in Kansas City. After being fired by the Eagles, Reid crashed through the front door of Arrowhead, much like the Kool-Aid man, and ran this franchise into a 9-0 start in 2013.

There is no question the 2013 Reid-coached Chiefs were legitimate. But soon the reality of the work that needed to be done in Scott Pioli’s fired-wake sunk into a raging reality there was little depth behind the starters. Reid’s magic couldn’t save the defense, and the Chiefs lost three games in a row beginning with Denver on the road that ultimately cast doubt on the teams hot start.

In the end, the team finished 11-5 and was so very close getting their first playoff win in two decades. However, they fell short losing to the Indianapolis Colts 45-44, in a heartbreaker. It was a horrible moment for the franchise but it still demonstrated Reid had enough to work with that in year, he could turn around this franchise.

In 2014, the Chiefs 9-7 record further illustrated, Reid alone, wasn’t enough for the team to reach the playoffs two years in a row. Last year’s team had some impressive moment, but ultimately faltered losing four of their last six games. Yet, this article isn’t intended to rehash the season that is still fresh in the minds of Chiefs Kingdom. More, this article is aimed to target a potential shift in perception that it’s Reid’s coaching staff, heading into year three, should be given praise for their work changing every aspect of this team on the field.

From inheriting a 2-14 team and suffering a deflating playoff loss, the Chiefs coaches survived a monster rollercoaster of victory-hope that ended in massive letdown with Reid keeping the calm. Additionally by experiencing last season, the coaches faced what it’s like to not make the playoffs with a talented football team that once again fell short of the primary objective.

The positive is that they’ve all been through the ups and downs together with Reid, and now they’re all beginning to understand Kansas City’s overall dire need to see the Chiefs win it all. Furthermore, the interesting notion for me is that year three is just a fraction of the time that some of these coaches have spent with Reid during his tenure as an NFL coach. In taking the job in Kansas City, Reid brought a lot of his former Eagles staff to the Chiefs.

From Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receiver Coach David Culley to Special Projects guru Brad Childress, the loyalty tree remains strong for Reid and his coaching staff. Obviously, it’s always better on a football team when all the coaches work together towards one common goal, and Reid’s Chiefs definitely seem to possess that in large part thanks to their familiarity with one another.

Red and gold fans are well aware General Manager John Dorsey and Reid go back to the days of Green Bay Packers in the ‘90s. They’re also privy to the idea that Reid’s staff is currently littered with coaches that are like family to him. In fact, some even are family to him, as his son Britt Reid is as an Assistant Defensive Line Coach (fans know that too).

I mention the family sentiment to convey the message that the Kansas City Chiefs are moving in the right direction together as a unit. They’ve gone from the team that hired the best available coach in 2013, to the team that has one of the best overall coaching staffs and playmakers at every position.

So as Mini-Camp ended on Thursday, the team has six weeks to get ready for training camp. For the head coach when it comes to his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, everyone knows Reid will get the job done.

Still it’s worth mentioning that when NFL writer, Peter King asked Chairman, Clark Hunt, why he handed the coaching duties to Big Red? His response wasn’t surprise. “Everyone knows Andy Reid is a winner,” he said.

In 2015, the rest of the NFL might witness for themselves, Reid taking the Chiefs full circle with a deep post season run. Top Stories