Houston Saga Needs Conclusion

Since 2011, the Kansas City Chiefs have possessed one of the premier OLB tandems in the NFL. When the team paired Justin Houston with fellow sack artist, Tamba Hali they became the destroyers of the defense. The problem with the Dynamic Duo today is the fact Houston remains in a contract stalemate with the Chiefs. So will a deal get signed before the deadline?

From my standpoint, it seems to me nobody in the organization wants a lengthy holdout with Justin Houston. Fans already know that Chairman Clark Hunt, General Manager John Dorsey and Head Coach Andy Reid, want to get a deal worked out to keep the best pass rusher this organization has seen since the late, Derrick Thomas, on the roster. Yet the trump card in this sage remains on the player and the organization. That means, Houston has to show he wants to remain in Kansas City. The fan in me believes that’s the case in getting a long-term contract.

The conundrum in this sage is the fact everyone understands players of Houston’s caliber gets paid an abundance of riches. For instance, superstars: J.J. Watt, Mario Williams’ and Ndamukong Suh’s combined Meg-Million dollar contracts equal $310,380,425 million. Divided by three it equates to $103,460,141.67 per dominant defender, a simplistic approach to gauging Houston’s potential price tag.

Those ludicrous theoretical dollars are digits sports agents throw around as if they were playing with Monopoly money. However, in this contract situation, it’s hard to argue those numbers favor Houston.

The dynamic defender is just 26 year and has posted some big time numbers in this career to date. Houston has started 53 NFL games, registered 198 combined tackles, 48.5 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 19 passes defended and one interception all the while being vastly underpaid for his services. Before the Chiefs gave him the franchise tag, Houston’s career earnings equated to $2.78 million dollars.

It may not be on a Russell Wilson-Seahawks level, in terms of steal-over-value equation, but it’s safe to say the Chiefs have enjoyed Houston’s success nonetheless. Honorably, it may be time for the organization to pay Houston in the same manner they paid Hali.

Fans and the Chiefs organization alike, may feel some obligation to reward Houston for his past excellence; or not. Regardless, it doesn’t change the reality of his current absorbent price, or the reality of the well educated sports agent waiving it feverishly for his highest personal percentage.

Despite the intimidating high-dollar reality, it’s still been speculated by my colleague, Nick Athan, the Chiefs and Dorsey have a massive deal on the table already for Houston to sign, in terms of guaranteed money and contract length. The reality is that Houston’s camp is in no hurry to sign the offer, and will likely drag out the financial chess match, until the NFL’s July 15th deadline to sign franchise players long term.

There’s likely moderate concern Houston May pass on the Chiefs impressive offer, and skip part of the season but that seems extremely unlikely to me and worst-case scenario at best.

No doubt, the idea Houston will slip away from Kansas City, doesn’t sit well with the fans base. Yet, that’s why the best option is a long-term deal. The Chiefs brass understands the current dilemma but they will do everything in their power to keep Houston in the red and gold in 2015 and beyond.

The dividing factor for this debate might lie in the fact Houston’s elite ability to sack quarterbacks, and force the Chiefs to sign him long term, didn’t sneak up on the organization.

In the end, Kansas City has known about Houston’s problem, and they’ll attempt to remedy it before the deadline creates some unnecessary moments for everyone involved. Because the best scenario would be for Houston and the Chiefs to get a deal done, sooner rather than later.

After all, the Chiefs are serious about winning this season, and to beat Denver and make a playoff run, the Chiefs need Houston to be the solution not the problem in achieving those goals.

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