Deadline Deal?

If the Kansas City Chiefs and star linebacker Justin Houston are going to have a long-standing relationship, today’s final battle over his mega-rich contract could go a long way to peace and harmony between the two sides.


As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, there’s no doubt you want All Pro linebacker Justin Houston signed to a long-term contract extension. The division that would result between player and team, should Wednesday’s deadline to sign franchise players pass without a deal, would be going backwards.

The good news is within the last 24 hours both sides have begun to hammer out an extension, and per sources even shared a meal at a local restaurant Tuesday evening. If those reports are accurate, then perhaps the two sides will indeed construct a deal that will make Houston the highest paid Chief of all time.

It’s imperative the Chiefs get this deal done. By doing so, it would give them momentum heading into training camp and modestly take the focus away from the Kansas City Royals.

The Chiefs are in a difficult spot as they head into their third training camp under head coach Andy Reid. The football team is playing second fiddle to the baseball team.

While the Chiefs have done a terrific job adding to their roster this off-season, they must find a way to retain their superstar defender. Though Houston isn’t of the caliber of Peyton Manning on offense, he is the pulse of the defense and ranks as the game's second best defensive player behind, J.J. Watt. When Houston is demolishing quarterbacks and motivated, the Chiefs are a better football team.

Should the Chiefs find the money to give Houston the $50 million plus guarantees he’s been seeking for more than a year, they would set a precedent going forward that impact players in Kansas City will be paid handsomely for their skills.

I’ve read the naysayers that believe this deal won’t get done. Granted, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but logically speaking it makes no sense for player, agent and the executives to spend the day hammering out a contract, and breaking bread a few hours later, if there was not sincere intent to reach an agreement.

Granted we still have a few hours until the deadline, and perhaps the fan in me believes common sense will prevail. Because signing Houston to a long-term deal would be the best move the organization has made since bringing the tandem of Andy Reid and John Dorsey to Kansas City.

Time will tell if my thought process is correct. Top Stories