Is Wayne's World a fit for the Chiefs?

According to free agent Wide Receiver, Reggie Wayne, up to six teams have shown interest in his services. But entering his 15th season in the NFL, should the Kansas City Chiefs consider adding another veteran receiver?

I could end this column quickly by stating the obvious answer about free agent Wide Receiver, Reggie Wayne and if he fits on the Chiefs roster in 2015 or not. The one fact of certainty about this man that can't be debated is the fact he will go down as one of the games best. Now is he a Hall of Fame Candidate, the jury’s out on that future honor?

For those wondering if the Kansas City Chiefs are one of six teams that have reached out to his agent about taking a look see, the boys in red don’t appear to have any interested in Wayne.

Now had they pursued him in his prime, I’d have beaten down the doors to get him to Kansas City. However, he’s remained loyal to the Indianapolis Colts to this point of his career. Yet it appears they don’t want anything to do with him for the moment.

The man has had a brilliant career in the NFL and he has the stats to back up his drive to play one final season with a contender. With 14,345 receiving yards, 1,070 receptions and 82 touchdowns on his updated resume, any NFL team looking for a veteran presence would be foolish to pass on his life experiences on the gridiron.

Though he might be a leader in the locker room and a teacher on the field, he wants to prove that he can still play at a high level. However, his numbers in 2014 suggest he’s anything but a productive receiver.

Still there is a place for Wayne in the NFL. However, it might not be as a receiver. If he wanted to take the jump into coaching, I’d think every NFL team would hire him as an assistant receivers coach. In fact, the Chiefs should consider that if Wayne files his retirement papers at any point this season.

Again that might be his future but for now playing one last season, finding a team that will give him a chance, and proving his doubters wrong, will define how he ends his NFL career.

Wayne has been the consummate class act his entire NFL career. The fact, he stayed loyal to the Colts, when they challenged that loyalty after dumping his quarterback, Peyton Manning, a few years ago, says a lot about his character.

Yet he stayed with the Colts after spurning other offers to leave and proved that honor still means something in the NFL.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, they are stacked at wide receiver. With Jeremy Maclin and veteran Jason Avant, guiding KC’s younger receivers (De’Anthony Thomas, Chris Conley and Albert Wilson) into their first training camp together since their Philly days, Wayne just isn’t a fit in the heartland.

Still if an injury should occur at the position early into training camp for the Chiefs, General Manager, John Dorsey, would be wise to dial up Wayne and give him a tryout. After all, like cornerbacks, you can never have enough receivers on your 53-man roster.

For Wayne, now’s the time to be patient and hope that a team with playoff realities brings him into town, to not portray the savior, but to enhance a receiving crew that simply needs that signature veteran touch.

If not, it might be time to consider coaching or a broadcast career.

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