Chiefs Football Still Tugs at Carl Peterson

On Sunday afternoon, Carl Peterson, made a return visit to the team he ran for 20 NFL seasons. As CEO, President and General Manager, the man wore many hats for this franchise, but make no mistake about it, he made the Chiefs a football town again.

Regardless of the circumstances that brought the former executive to St. Joseph, Missouri, it was good to see former Kansas City Chiefs Executive, Carl Peterson around this football team once again For two decades, Peterson was responsible for turning around a lifeless franchise and making them a powerful NFL commodity.

Sure the Chiefs didn’t win a Super Bowl under his watch but Peterson’s vision single handedly rebuilt the franchise from the ground up. Today, the Chiefs are one of the most popular teams in the NFL.

As he told reporters today, the traditions he reestablished at Arrowhead stadium, were the perfect cathedral for the best fans in the NFL. Though Peterson did say he misses certain aspects of the NFL, others not so much.

If Peterson had a struggle in this tenure in Kansas City; it was his firm hold to the bottom line in negotiating contracts with agents. Though it did make for some great theater, something I’m convinced he orchestrated to keep the Chiefs relevant in the media, the man delivered a brand of Chiefs football that related to the fan base.

Carl Peterson served the Kansas City Chiefs for 20 years and put Arrowhead Stadium back on the map. He deserves consideration for the teams Hall of Honor. (Photo: John Rieger USA Today Sports)

I’m not sure where Peterson goes down in the halls of the franchise within the fan base, but he deserves a spot on the Chiefs ring of honor at Arrowhead. What made his tenure so great was, not matter what went wrong (and plenty did in twenty years on the job), he always deflected all criticism and placed it on his shoulders.

Carl Peterson was a great ambassador for the Chiefs and for Kansas City. I know it all boils down to winning, and I’m a bit bias because I was able to get to know the man during his tenure in Kansas City, the Chiefs nation needs to give him a big tap of the hat for a job well done.

The organization needs to recognize, as a permanent fixture in the stadium he loves to this day, for the contributions he made making Kansas City Chiefs football relevant again. Top Stories