Offense Begins and Ends with Jamaal Charles

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Doug Pederson indicated that Pro Bowl Running Back, Jamaal Charles, might not be used as often this season. If those were his sincere sentiments, I’m not buying them.

Since he broke into the NFL, Running Back Jamaal Charles, has been a mainstay in KC’s offensive attack. Even if others dispute his claim, he’s the LeBron James of the NFL, he’s the heart, pulse and soul of the Chiefs offense.

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing he’s a step slower, too old or that he’s injury prone. The man is a beast on the field. No one player I can remember in a Chiefs uniform holds himself more accountable to his teammates and drives for success every time he touches the ball.

Last season the Chiefs fell one game short of their second straight post-season appearance. Charles, who dealt with various injuries and missed a regular season start, blamed himself for not doing more for his team to get that playoff spot.

Charles is the consummate professional. He plays with a fury that’s, not only controlled, but executed to perfection when he’s striking genuine fear in any team that has the job to stop him on the playing field.

He’s so good at running and catching passes he makes it look effortless. However, that’s not the most fascinating item about the productivity this one man has delivered since Head Coach, Andy Reid arrived in town two seasons ago.

Charles has delivered the goods playing behind a sporadic offensive line, and without another viable weapon on offense. Sure Tight End, Travis Kelce, became a consistent alternate to Charles but that was just in 2014.

RB Jamaal Charles has the mindset that 2015 might be his best season in the NFL. (Photo: John Rieger USA Today Sports)

That meant Charles had to find his own holes against NFL defenses that were stacking the line of scrimmage with eight or nine defenders. He’s been shadowed and gang tackled on every snap, yet he defies the odds when his team needs him the most on the field.

So for those that are buying into the words of his offensive coordinator, it makes for good camp fodder (and witty articles by yours truly) but it really has no bearing on what’s about to happen this season.

Though the talk of training camp has been on Abiline Christian, Running Back Charcandrick West, he’s not going to unseat Charles anytime soon. Though he might beat out Knile Davis, whom I believe could be traded before the start of the season, to play the understudy role for Charles.

I get why the coaching staff might feel that way about Charles, but if anything, they’ve under utilized him on the field The fact that Reid attempts to out think his opponents taking the focus away from Charles in short yardage and goal line situations, probably has hurt his team more than it’s helped their efforts on offense.

Charles, though barely 200 pounds, has to be the teams workhorse this season and next. If not, thoughts of an Arrowhead playoff game, ending their horrific post-season drought, and perhaps a Super Bowl, will never be achieved without Charles as the offensive catalyst.

So what’s being said in August, really has no salt in September. In fact, it won’t matter in December either especially if the Chiefs are knocking on the door of a potential AFC West title.

Sure those are what if scenarios but to say Charles won’t be at the center of those goals, and on the field any less than some are conjecturing at the moment, is nothing but a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Top Stories