Chiefs Training Camp Recap Rewind

With a day off on the books for Thursday, the Kansas City Chiefs players get a much-needed day of rest. So what have we learned from a week in camp? Here are five items that stood out.

5. Evan Mathis - The biggest mystery of camp has to be the fact the Kansas City Chiefs have been unable to bolster their offensive line with the addition of veteran Guard, Evan Mathis.

Thus far in camp Head Coach, Andy Reid, hasn’t found the fabulous five that can be trusted to execute his offense. Former first round pick, Eric Fisher, has improved moderately from the start of camp, but he’s still an enigma on this offensive line. When practices resume on Friday, right tackle, Donald Stephenson, may be relegated to second team with his performance to date in camp.

Mathis can’t play outside but his presence inside will shore up the weakness of KC’s tackles heading into the regular season opener next month.

Chiefs QB Alex Smith has done a solid job throwing the ball down field for KC. (Photo: John Rieger USA Today Sports)

4. QB Alex Smith - Forget the myth that KC’s quarterback can’t chuck the ball down field. Smith has done an outstanding job throwing the deep pass. Of course it helps to have a polished receiver like Jeremy Maclin. The good news is the fact, despite the offensive line woes; Smith has done a terrific job taking more chances.

The fact nobody believes he can be anything but a game manger, he’s trying to dispel that rumor with a solid first week. Granted he’s going to need to execute the deep pass once the regular season begins, but color us impressed with his effort to change his game manager reputation.

3. LB Derrick Johnson - In one week, the Chiefs All Pro linebacker has done a terrific job erasing any doubt he’s not fully recovered from the Achilles injury he suffered last season. I’m not sure where he found it, but the man is running around the field making plays as if he wasn’t a 10-year veteran.

The fact DJ has come this far is nothing short of amazing. If he can continue at this pace, and bring this comeback story into the regular season, KC’s defense is going to be much better than most people expect. There’s no doubt he’s the heart and soul of the Chiefs defense. So far, he’s proving he still has plenty left in the tank.

Indianapolis Head Coach, Chuck Pagano shows his respect for Kansas City Chiefs Safety, Eric Berry. (Photo: Courtesy Washington Post)

2. HC Andy Reid - Normally this time of camp the head coach shows off his salty side. There’s zero doubt Reid is a terrific head coach. However, you get a sense he really believes this football team has a chance to do something special this year.

Though his practices are a grind on his players and his coaching staff, Reid appears at ease this camp. In fact, his jovial nature with the media, and the mans’ willingness to offer more insight about his football team at this stage of camp, gives me the impression Reid might see something about the Chiefs team the rest of us have yet to see once the games begin.

1. Eric Berry - The fact the man is even on a football field again is an amazing story, especially when you realize, Berry didn’t participate in any of the teams off-season workouts.

To say his story is an inspiration, wouldn’t be giving it justice. The fact Indianapolis Colts Head Coach, Chuck Pagano, worry a Berry Strong T-shirt in practice the other day, says much about the heroism Berry is displaying by attempting to play football again this season.

Add that with the fact, he’s grinding through the rust and showing his teammates, he still has some game in his step. If he can complete this journey, Berry’s status among the Chiefs nation will be at a Hall of Fame level. Top Stories