Chiefs Defense Came to Play Against Seahawks

Former Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer used to preach to his players, just score one more point than your opponent. On Friday night, the Kansas City Chiefs did just that defeating the Seattle Seahawks 14-13. So who stood out for the boys in red?

I could start my morning tirade solely based on the poor performance of Andy Reid’s under construction offensive line - but why digress. I’ll just say it one last time! If Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, allow Evan Mathis to sign with the Seattle Seahawks or any other team, it will become their Lin Elliott moment.

As far as the Seahawks on the field, outside of their offensive line, the Chiefs had a pretty solid game. In fact, KC’s defense showed great promise and both KC quarterbacks threw touchdown passes.

1. QB Alex Smith - Considering he was running for his life the entire night, he did manage to throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver. The man on the other end of that catch Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin, showed why should signing him to all that coin was worth the expense. He’s already elevated the entire unit and KC’s receivers had another solid evening thanks to the tone Maclin sets on every possession.

2, QB Chase Daniel - I say this with every reservation in my bones; Chiefs must trade their back-up. Another touchdown drive and touchdown pass behind the third team offensive line, makes the kid a hot NFL commodity. I think Daniel’s stock is rising and the Chiefs must cash that chip. Because let’s be realistic, while Daniel looks good, if Alex Smith goes down, it won’t matter which quarterback is behind center – because the losses will come in bunches.

3. LB Dee Ford - He showed signs of life against Seattle. For the first time in his tenure in Kansas City, he was aggressive in pass situations and solid in stopping the run. Sure he got leveled in the second quarter but he came back. I had doubts he’d ever become a solid NFL player, and I will take into account the Seahawks offensive line is as bad as KC’s, still he might have something after all.

4. RB Knile Davis - Like Daniel, the Chiefs back-up running back could also be trade bait. The Chiefs have running back gold in Jamaal Charles and I still maintain that Davis isn’t a fit in Reid’s offensive system. Add that with the fact Charcandrick West is going to make this team and make plays, Dorsey has another card to play before the final cuts are announced in early September.

5. DE Mike Catapano - If there’s one player who could make me forget about how poorly the Chiefs offensive line performed Friday night, it was the comeback of Catapano. He was active, in the backfield and having fun. He missed the entire 2014 season and looks primed to be more than a back-up for KC’s new defense. I would not be shocked if he pushed Mike Devito to the bench come opening day.

Summary: - Head Coach Andy Reid has to be pleased with the fact his team stands 2-0 in the preseason and his quarterbacks have thrown FIVE touchdown passes in both wins to four of them in the hand of KC’s wide receivers.

On the flip side, his defense did prevent Seattle from scoring an offensive touchdown. Their lone TD score came courtesy of Alex Smith’s pick six in the second quarter. At the moment, Reid knows the offensive line is lifeless but he found out Friday night his defense might be better than most people envisioned.

There’s no doubt the Denver Broncos have the best front seven in the division. Yet the Chiefs defense, not as talented, were flying to the ball on every snap. That tells me this unit has some serious heart. That’s a good sign for this football team. Because at some point this season, KC’s defense is going to have to make a big fourth quarter stop. On Friday night, they showed signs defensively, they might be able to do just that. Top Stories