No Doubt Alex Smith is Chiefs #1

In the aftermath of four pre-season touchdown passes by back-up Quarterback, Chase Daniel, some are championing his case to become the Kansas City Chiefs starter over Alex Smith.

Forget the Kansas Jayhawks blood that pours in my veins I have nothing but the utmost respect for Quarterback, Chase Daniel. Yes he went to Missouri but my allegiances end now that he’s with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In two meaningless pre-season games, Daniel has been the best player on the field for Kansas City. He’s led the second team offense into a points scoring machine. The fact he’s done it with an offensive line that quite frankly isn’t that good, makes his accomplishments even more impressive.

But despite the touchdown bonanza by Daniel, he’s not supplanting Alex Smith as the Chiefs starter this season. It’s a nice thought but he’s not in the same league as the man the Chiefs dealt a pair of second round draft picks to acquire three years ago.

Smith is the high priced gun that Head Coach, Andy Reid has made abundantly clear will be the man to guide his complex offense into the final chapter in the rebirth of this franchise.

Though we all like a good story, and debating about the back-up quarterback continues to appeal to the fan base, Daniel will always be an NFL understudy. Sure he’ll show flashes for a game or two, but over a 16 game season, when teams can learn how to defend his pinpoint passing and mobility, they’ll quickly find his weakness and exploit it.

So as the Chiefs prepare to play their pre-season game on Friday, let’s be clear, Daniel isn’t the great hope to save KC’s offense. The only thing that will save this offense is finding five offensive linemen that can block. If that never transpires, it won’t matter if Daniel, Smith or the reincarnation of Joe Montana is under center for the Chiefs this season.

Smith has taken his lumps in Kansas City, some of those hard knocks were self inflicted, but there’s a reason he’s making a kings ransom as the Chiefs starting quarterback; he’s a pretty good one.

The supporting cast Smith at his disposal, even though the offensive line has been besieged by injuries, should carry this team into the post season with a legitimate shot to end it’s playoff winning drought.

Still not convinced?

Throughout training camp Smith has stated he’s finally comfortable in the Chiefs offense. With that, he also carries a big chip on his shoulder to succeed, whereas Daniel is just happy to be in the NFL earning some serious coin. Yes Daniel wants to win and continues hold out hopes he can guide his own team someday. Yet it won’t be in Kansas City just like it wasn’t in Washington or New Orleans.

The man is a career back up on a team that already has its hired gun. Further, he could ultimately be traded before the start of the regular season. If that rumbling becomes fact, then what did the Chiefs really think of their quarterback understudy?

Probably just good enough to garner a couple of draft picks to a team that believes he can actually be an NFL starter.

Case closed!

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