Chiefs Quarterbacks Developing Swagger

In winning their third preseason game in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs are developing a winning formula that could fuel a revival that’s been long over due at the quarterback position.

John Rieger USA Today Sports Images

After rain ended the Kansas City Chiefs 34-10 victory over the Tennessee Titans, I thought I had been watching the Denver Broncos offense. Touchdown passes to receivers; defenders flying to the ball and a head coach who seemed at ease, I began praying it wasn’t a mirage.

As I rubbed my eyes in disbelief to discover it was in fact the Chiefs, I felt giddy at the prospects that KC’s quarterbacks could continue this trend into the regular season of solid play. Alex Smith, Chase Daniel and Aaron Murray have lit up three pre-season opponents by tossing nine touchdown passes with seven of those to wide receivers!

Yep you read that correctly.

Granted it’s pre-season but Head Coach, Andy Reid has done a terrific job developing all three of his quarterbacks to this point. In Smith, Daniel and Murray, the Chiefs appear to have a trio of quarterbacks that can run Reid’s complex offense. 

Then again we can’t underscore the importance of having Jeremy Maclin on this roster. His presence on the field, in the huddle and in the locker room, has catapulted KC’s receiving group into one of the divisions best.

Frankie Hammond and Fred Jones have come out of nowhere to become productive members of the receiving core. There development can be attributed directly to being benefactors in watching Maclin, and fellow veteran Jason Avant practice every day. There is no better training manual for young players than having proven veterans at your position showing you the ropes.

Still this newfound success boils down to the Chiefs quarterbacks. In three games, Smith has gone from average to stellar. I’ve maintained for two years, Smith just needs competent receivers and a decent offensive line to play at a Pro Bowl level.

What we saw Friday Night in the teams 34-10 victory over the Titans was Smith at his very best. Add that with the fact, Murray after a rough opening drive in the first half, dominating the position in the second half.

So what does this all mean?  Probably quite a bit if you’re an optimist.

If you’re a pessimist you could argue the Titans defense isn’t very good. However, all signs point to an offense that when it unleashes all its weapons is capable of producing 30 plus points per game.

Yet the best item to come out of Friday’s game – nobody is talking about the Chiefs much-maligned offensive line. I guess they played pretty good too. Top Stories