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State of the Texans Publisher, Patrick Starr offers his analysis on Sunday's NFL contest against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Behind Enemy Lines: The Kansas City Chiefs open the 2015 NFL season with a road contest against the Houston Texans. To learn more about KC's opponent, State of the Texans Publisher, Patrick Starr answers a few questions from Warpaint Illustrated Publisher, Nick Athan.

Warpaint Illustrated: QB Brian Hoyer won the starting quarterback spot over Ryan Mallet for the season opener.  Houston Texans Head Coach, Bill O’Brien seems confident that he made the right decision for his football team.  What does Hoyer bring to the Texans offense?

Patrick Starr (State of the Texans) - The decision to name Hoyer the starter was due to on and off the field. Hoyer was a target of Bill O’Brien once there was whisper of the Cleveland Browns releasing him and it was a seamless fit for O’Brien. He signed Hoyer who knows the offense and it was clear when he stepped on the field during OTAs and mini-camps he knew exactly what to do. The offense run as a much better pace with Hoyer and the quick passing game is much more efficient with Hoyer and his quicker release. compared to Ryan Mallett. It feels like the team is rallying around Hoyer and working well with his receivers and some of that showed with him not being afraid to push the ball vertical in the passing game. One thing Hoyer does well is throw the deep ball with touch, that is something that most do not expect. 

Warpaint Illustrated: Everyone talks about J.J. Watt but many forget the Texans have a former first round draft pick that has yet to show much in a Houston uniform.  Will fans be disappointed or happy with the debut of Jadeveon Clowney against the Chiefs on Sunday?

Patick Starr (State of the Texans) - It is a big day for Jadeveon Clowney on Sunday and him being on the field is a big plus for the Texans. He has been working hard to get back to this point and he has been back on the field practicing for close to a month. If there is one thing that sticks out about Clowney is how much he has matured over an off-season. He is taking to coaching and really leaning on Mike Vrabel to show him the way. Word is that he is 15 lbs. heavier with the same speed and quickness as last season. The knee injury is the biggest question but he is not wearing a brace and is full speed ahead. Him being on the field with J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus and Vince Wilfork will be something to watch. 

Warpaint Illustrated: The Houston Texans were featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks this year. Do you think that will give the Chiefs an advantage in their preparation this week?

Patrick Starr (State of the Texans) - Head Coach Bill O’Brien made sure there was no competitive advantage for any teams watching the show. He would view the show Tuesday morning with General Manager Rick Smith and they we’re allowed to pull anything out of the show they felt would give away anything to other teams. Even from watching the show, I never felt there was anything glaring out there that felt it was a competitive advantage. 

Warpaint Illustrated: So in your opinion, who wins on Sunday the Texans or the Chiefs?

Patrick Starr (State of the Texans) - The more I look at this game, one thing is for sure both teams will be pushing for a playoff spot late in the season. Which means this game is important in the scheme of the AFC playoffs, that is how important this game is out of the gate for both teams. I like Kansas City’s offensive skill players in Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Maclin, Travis Kelce and the under appreciated Alex Smith, also Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston and Dontari Poe are as good as they get. The star power for the Chiefs should not be over looked and if Eric Berry can return to form, there is plenty to like about the Chiefs in 2015. With that said, I think both team are very equal on paper and this game can go either way. 
So I think we should just flip a coin and see what happens because this game is too close to call. Top Stories