With horrific play calling on Thursday night, Chiefs HC Andy Reid has lowered the bar.

What the Kansas City Chiefs did Thursday night centers on the impossible. Head Coach Andy Reid, choked with one bad play call after another, and it finally cost his team a win against their hated division rival. With this improbable loss, KC’s future might be focused on the clock for the 2016 NFL draft rather than challenging for a division title in 2015.

You could see this one coming in Denver.

The Chiefs 31-24 loss to the Broncos was sealed after they committed their fifth turnover of the game. Jamaal Charles coughed up the game winner with .33 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter that could haunt this franchise for the entire season.

At the helm of this maddening loss, Head Coach, Andy Reid shoulders every bit of the blame. His clock management, calling two timeouts on defense, that allowed the Broncos to re-set their offense and both times, resulted in a pair of Peyton Manning touchdowns.

The fact Reid had a first and goal from the 3-yard line in the first quarter, and tried to pass the ball on three occasions with the third yielding a turnover, was a bad omen of things to come. He has the best running back on the planet at his disposal, despite two fumbles Thursday, and the man can’t get out of his own way to give him the rock in short and goal situations.

The mere fact Reid is still calling the plays for the Chiefs, and not Brad Childress, continues to baffle even the novice Kansas City fan. In the first half, Kansas City was up 14-0 and they couldn’t win it. They followed that lead by with yet another at 24-17 with two-minutes to go and still couldn’t win it.

For the second consecutive week the Denver Broncos created their own luck and they stand 2-0 in the AFC West and now the Chiefs are at 1-1 carrying shame with this stinging loss that the entire nation watched at the expense of the Chiefs. Kansas City had a chance to make a statement against Peyton Manning and the Broncos but big game Andy flopped again.

This loss pales in comparison to the Colts playoff game. Reid is so hell bent on developing the passing game in the red zone, he ignores the opportunity to score points (you know the singular item that wins football games). Reid has carried this resume of play-calling futility from Philadelphia to Kansas City, and unless there is an intervention, it's going to push his football team further down the AFC West.

With road games at Green Bay and Cincinnati on the horizon, the Chiefs season hangs in the balance. To fix the very mess, he’s created for his very talented football team, Reid must turn the play calling over to Childress during this mini break. Childress is sensible, has a feel for the game within the game ,and creates the perfect game plan that Reid ignores to use every week.  

Thursday night could have been a defining moment for the Kansas City Chiefs and their high priced head coach. Instead they simply shifted the fan focus in this city back to the Kansas City Royals, who (by the way) reduced their magic number to win the AL Central to just six games.

Congrats Andy you made this a baseball town again.

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