5 reasons the Kansas City Chiefs’ season didn’t ‘end’ this past Thursday

Did it hurt? Hell, yes. Does it mean 2015 is ruined, forever and always for the Kansas City Chiefs? Not necessarily.

1. Most of Thursday night’s wounds really were self-inflicted. 

Just because it’s coachspeak doesn’t mean it isn’t worth repeating: Teams that turn the ball over five times, even at home, are asking to get beat. Teams that turn the ball over three of those times inside their own 32-yard-line are absolutely BEGGING for it. The Chiefs didn’t just leave points on the board — they left their collective dignities out on the turf. Jamaal Charles had a tough day; there’ll be more good ones than bad to come. Trust us. No. 25 coughed it up twice against the Broncos, or roughly almost as much as he’s given up the rock, on average, over the previous three seasons (2.7 fumbles lost per year from 2012-2014).

2. It’s Week 2. 

Did the “passing of the torch moment” that Chiefs fans (and pundits) had hoped and pined for actually happen? Well, no. OK, fine, for about 58 minutes, it did. But that’s beside the point. If your bar for a successful season was an AFC West title, granted, that loss really, really, really didn’t help. At all. But if your bar is a postseason berth and at least one postseason victory — that elusive, teasing, blankety-blank postseason victory — then nothing is off the table. Yet.

3. Not it makes anybody in the 816 (or 913) feel any better, but maybe it’s just a “Denver” thang.

The last time the Chiefs had turned the ball over more than twice in a contest was last November 30 at home. The opponent? Yep. The Broncos. That’s an average of four giveaways in the last two Arrowhead showdowns with the reigning kings of the AFC West, which, um, ain’t going to get it done. It’s not just Peyton Manning that seems to be inside the Chiefs’ noggins at the moment — it’s a salty Broncos defense, too. Over the last calendar year, The Andy Gang has given the ball away eight times in three meetings with Denver. In the other 15 contests, the Chiefs have turned it over just 14 times, or less than one miscue per tilt.

4. Look, nobody ever said Weeks 1-5 would be a cakewalk. 

On the other hand, remember what comes after Thanksgiving: The Chiefs’ last four opponents — Oakland (twice), San Diego, Baltimore and Cleveland — went 1-3 during the NFL’s opening weekend and were outscored by an average margin of 28-17. Like the kitten on the poster, hang in there.

5. Did we mention it’s Week 2?

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