With their third loss in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs have lost their mojo and might not have the coaching staff to get it back.

If the Kansas City Chiefs are ever going to establish themselves as sports relevant in this town, the top end of the organization will have to face some harsh decisions. After the teams, second embarrassing loss in six days, someone has to force Head Coach Andy Reid to change his stripes.

It’s pointless to ask Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt to fire Head Coach Andy Reid. It’s equally pointless to think Reid will turn over the offense to Brad Childress. And while I’m in this mood, I don’t expect Bob Sutton to be shown the door after back-to-back horrific defensive game plans.

The problem with the Chiefs today is they have no football identity. Worse yet, even with the Chiefs 1-3 start, this might be the most talented team Kansas City has put on the field in a decade or more. Yet his coaching staff can’t get out of their own way.

To some fans, Reid has lost his way as a head coach. As was the case in his 13 seasons in Philadelphia, Reid’s stubbornness insures new ideas fall on deaf ears. It’s painfully evident; the man is going to do it his way come hell or high water.

As the leader of this football team, Reid must have the willingness to go outside his comfort zone and climb back into the basics of his football roots. You win in the NFL with the strength of the men in the trenches on both your offensive and defensive lines.

The fact, he’s been unable to field an offensive line that can protect his hand pointed franchise quarterback, Alex Smith, will likely lead to Reid’s predictable demise in Kansas City. He does however have a solid defensive line but not the right defensive coordinator to lead that unit.

It doesn’t have to be this way but Reid simply knows no other way to coach.  So why can’t he change? It’s a simple answer really; he doesn’t know how to do it.

If you’re a baseball fan, look no further than what Kansas City Royals Manager, Ned Yost did on Monday. In early September, he moved Alcides Escobar out of the lead off spot. For three weeks, KC’s offense couldn’t find any rhythm. This week he put Escobar back in the leadoff spot and the team won five of seven games and nailed down home field advantage in the playoffs.

Yost told the media he didn’t understand why the team plays so well when his shortstop bats leadoff but he wasn’t going to fight the obvious anymore. Reid would never concede something so clear cut.

With each loss, the Chiefs move further and further behind the Royals. With the Baseball playoffs beginning in Kansas City on Thursday, the Chiefs won’t even hit the radio airwaves nor touch the breath of most fans this week – especially if the Chiefs and Royals play at the same time next Sunday. That’s because apathy runs strong in the Chiefs nation and this town only has time to back a winner.

Fans feel that way because they’re smart enough to realize nobody will challenge Reid except the owner and honestly I can’t see that happening publicly. We certainly know it won’t be General Manager, John Dorsey, who came to the Chiefs at the urging of the new head coach.

As a fan, there’s no room for this kind of ineptitude from a professional football team in Kansas City, especially when it possesses more talent than any other AFC West combatant. Yep I said it because I believe it. 

With the losing steak at three games, the players have their responsibility, and Quarterback; Alex Smith is certainly one of them. So as much as I’d like to lay all the blame at the feet of the head coach, the players have the ability to make enough plays to win games.

So what’s next for this football team?

If you’re looking for a silver lining, the Chiefs could very easily win ten of their last 12 games this season. Outside of road games at Minnesota and Denver, Kansas City has more than enough talent to win every other game on their remaining schedule.

However, unless someone in the organization with the cache demands more from Reid, the Chiefs might not recover in time to salvage the season.

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