Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid has taken a playoff roster and failed to deliver the goods for his Owner.

We can blame Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Alex Smith for the teams 1-5 start but this wasted 2015 season falls on Head Coach, Andy Reid. With two more losses, the team will officially be out of the post-season race, and should that occur, coaching changes should soon follow.

Before I dive far too deeply into this all but too familiar theme that’s been a wretched story line disrupting our Kansas City Royals Mojo, there is no fix to the Chiefs woes in 2015.

 Here are the facts:

 - Quarterback Alex Smith isn’t going to be benched as long as Andy Reid remains the head coach but he’ll ultimately be the scapegoat for the current regime and their inability to build an offensive line that can protect their franchise player.

- Defensive Coordinator, Bob Sutton, will never hold the same position for any other NFL team after he’s fired in Kansas City at seasons end. At least, we can all hope he’s canned.

 - Running Back, Jamaal Charles isn’t running out of the Arrowhead tunnel until mid 2016. Further, there’s no guarantee the 30-year old will ever be the same player.  

- General Manager, John Dorsey, knows nothing about assembling, building or drafting offensive lineman or honestly any other key position in the NFL. Proof is in the numbers of three drafts; only Tight End, Travis Kelce and Cornerback, Marcus Peters have All Pro abilities.  

So after two winning seasons, the Chiefs were built to have a breakout season in 2015 and now sit as bottom dwellers in the AFC West - a place they’ll likely stay the remainder of the year.

The fact is after a 9-0 start in 2013 that had this town dreaming, Reid was the man who could return this franchise to the Super Bowl, it’s been nothing more than a pipe dream driven by football starved fans praying the NFL Gods would shine the light on their beloved franchise.

Since that initial success Reid has failed to win a single game of importance. The loss to the Broncos in week two still has a grip on this franchise that gets tighter with every single loss.

So as fans what are we left with that should give any of us any reasonable hope?

Sadly, there isn’t a quick fix because Reid and Dorsey are operating their football team in the same manner they learned their respective crafts in the 90’s.   

Everyone knows Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt, can’t fire the man he handpicked to run his franchise on the field after the 2012 season. Sure he can demand that Reid fire Sutton and officially demote Doug Pederson, who was stripped of his play-calling duties two weeks ago, but that’s not his make up.

One thing is certain, with the Kansas City Royals two games away from back-to-back World Series appearances, they have successfully pushed the Chiefs to page six of a five-page newspaper. In fact, I would not be shocked to learn if the Royals re-broadcast of Game 2 of the ALCS on MLB Network Sunday afternoon outdrew the Chiefs telecast on CBS.

Hunt is in a tough spot because this team was poorly constructed in failing to address the Chiefs biggest items of concern, their offensive line and the losing culture that’s been a mainstay in Kansas City’s locker room since Dick Vermeil and Carl Peterson left the franchise.

You know even with the Charles injury the Chiefs have talent to win ten games. However, they don’t have the coaching staff, or the locker room leadership, to turn them into a winning organization.

Despite the best intentions of Hunt, Reid and Dorsey, someone has to pay the price for the teams absolute failure this season and I’m afraid Smith will be the sacrificial lamb. 

If that occurs, that would be a big mistake because the issues on this football team go much deeper than the quarterback. They fall squarely on a head coach and a general manager who are playing 90’s football in the 15th year of the New Millennium.

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