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Kansas City Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt has no plans to fire Head Coach Andy Reid or GM John Dorsey.

Before the outcome of the Kansas City Chiefs 45-10 thrashing of the Detroit Lions on Sunday morning, Chairman Clark Hunt gave his Head Coach and General Manager the license to return in 2016. However, the fact those comments were made in London, with just a handful of local writers, is a curious place to extend those offers midway through a disappointing 2015 season.

There’s no question had the Kansas City Chiefs been firing on all cylinders the last four weeks, their record would be 5-3 not 3-5 at the midway point of the season. But losses to the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings, have ruined a season of significant and importance to the franchise.

The Chiefs were supposed to dethrone the Denver Broncos in the AFC West this season. Instead, their week two loss at the hands of Peyton Manning and company, killed their spirit and began a stretch of five consecutive losses.

Now with the ship somewhat upright Chairman, Clark Hunt made it clear regardless of the the teams final record or draft lottery slot for his franchise, Head Coach Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey, would return next season.

“I have full confidence in Andy (Reid) and John Dorsey, think they’re the right people to lead our football team. They’re as disappointed as I am, but I think they’re the right guys to lead us not only this year but going forward,” Mr. Hunt said to the London media.

Pushed further would that be the case if the team had a top ten draft pick in 2016 KC’s Chairman was more direct. “I would, I would. They’re both extremely talented, they do a great job. They have very good staffs, they do a good job of leading their staffs, so they’re the right guys for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

With that out of the way, that doesn’t mean anything is set in stone. The issue for Reid is the fact his entire coaching staff will be without a contract at seasons end. I can’t see, what could be a lame duck 2016 season for Reid if he can’t turn this franchise into a playoff team next season, he could attract the high end staff, he needs in Kansas City.

Of his current staff, I could argue the entire crew needs to be blown out. However, most assistant coaches won’t work under a one or two-year agreement, three years is generally the term to get the games best assistant coaches. Again, if Reid isn’t interested in retaining his buddies (and there is nothing to say he’ll break his own mold of friends over coaching substance), he might find the sledding tough to attract what this team really needs, a top flight Offensive and Defensive Coordinator.

For Dorsey, his task is far more difficult. He’s done a decent job building the roster but he’s failed in so many personnel areas, most notably offensive line, quarterback and wide receiver, so it’s hard to imagine he’ll have the keys to KC’s draft in 2016.

In fact, I’m told this past spring, Reid made the final draft decisiona on Marcus Peters, Mitch Morse and Chris Conley over guys Dorsey deemed were a better fit for the organization. Further, it was Reid who pushed hard to bring Jeremy Maclin to Kansas City and re-sign Justin Houston, despite objections from his hand-pointed General Manager about the cap space it would devour.

If those rumblings are true, Reid is going to take a much larger role in player personnel in the off-season. That might not be a bad thing. If Reid, does chop his top coordinators, and brings in men who can devise their own game plans that require less head coach tinkering, meddling and overriding his top assistants, he could become a better overall head coach.

Still those are big ifs for Reid. But with back-to-back wins under his belt, there is a slight hope the Chiefs can turn around their 2015 season. However, I can think of a million reasons that a pair of road losses at Denver and San Diego after the Chiefs bye week, might better serve the organization in the long run.

Yet, I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. Perhaps it’s the Kansas City Royals (as of this writing) one win away from a World Series title, will launch the Chiefs into a championship stratosphere matching those of the Boys in Blue across the parking lot.

Will it happen?

One can certainly dream about that today. Top Stories