Late Hit in Scrimmage Gives Chiefs Brief Concern

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Greg Biekert caused quite a stir in their scrimmage with the Chiefs earlier today, hitting Priest Holmes out of bounds and late. Holmes did not return to the practice, but that may have been planned.

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Greg Biekert caused quite a stir in their scrimmage with the Chiefs earlier today. Biekert hit Holmes late out of bounds. The late hit caused a stir on the sidelines and Holmes did not return to the scrimmage after getting piled on by several Vikings defenders.

The Chiefs are denying that Holmes is hurt and they had only planned to use Holmes for a specific number of reps in the morning scrimmage. But Chiefs coaches acted fast and pulled Holmes after the hit as a precaution. They claim that Holmes is fine, but the hit by Biekert had the Chiefs spinning for a brief moment.

The Chiefs are obviously going to be very careful with Holmes in the scrimmages and during the pre-season. The last thing the Chiefs need is for Holmes to be hurt in a meaningless scrimmage against a Vikings team that has neither an identity or enough talent to compete for a division title.

But Dick Vermeil commented after the morning scrimmage, saying that Holmes would indeed play again later today if he showed no ill effects of the late hit.

Biekert, no stranger to the Chiefs as he is a former Raider, was one of the most penalized Raiders in recent years and his first season in Minnesota was a total bust.

The Vikings and Chiefs have a history of rough scrimmages in the past several years. In fact two years ago, the scrimmage was cancelled.

Also injured in the scrimmage was offensive tackle John Tait who tweaked his ankle and was limping before receiving treatment from the trainers.

It is not known if Holmes will participate in the evening practice but if he does, that will just be one more step in proving that his hip will be able to handle full contact.

It should be noted that Holmes was not limping after the late hit and walked off without any assistance to the sidelines. He stood with his teammates and watched the rest of the practice without any noticeable discomfort. Top Stories