Chiefs Win in Shortened Game

Was anyone else glad the game was called because of the weather? Five preseason games is ludicrous considering the risk of injury. Kansas City should be happy to get out there with a 9-0 victory over the Packers.

DOUBLE COVERAGE: Review #1 from Warpaint's beat writer Kevin Goodwin:

Was anyone else glad the game was called because of the weather? Five preseason games is ludicrous considering the risk of injury. Kansas City should be happy to get out there with a 9-0 victory over the Packers.

The Chiefs were able to get a look at many players and got out of town with less than six minutes left in the third quarter.

Thankfully, only tackle Willie Jones was the only serious injury. He is reported to have feeling in his limbs after being carted off late in the second quarter.

The Good Priest Holmes: The numbers (5 carries, 14 yards) aren't great, but his hip looks fine, which is all that really matters to the Chiefs. He showed a burst several times and didn't limp or favor his side at all. An extended contract might be brewing.

Greg Wesley: The safety was the leader of the defense tonight, knocking down a key pass on third down to force a punt and making several textbook tackles. He looked in midseason form.

Omar Easy: The fullback sure looked good catching passes out of the backfield. The former Penn State product, being given a chance to start while Tony Richardson slowly comes back from shoulder surgery, displayed good hands, catching three passes for 29 yards.

Overall defense: Allowed less than 150 yards total yards to Green Bay, forcing three turnovers and getting a sack from Eric Hicks. They appeared quicker to the ball and better tacklers.

Morten Andersen: What knee surgery? Andersen, cheating Father Time, nailed 32 and 51 yard field goals before narrowly missing another 51-yarder just before halftime.

Todd Collins: Solid in his role, Collins hit 12-of-16 passes for 126 yards. Couldn't get the Chiefs in the end zone.

The Bad Willie Jones: Before going down in a heap, Jones was beaten several times by speed rushers. He has suffered neck problems before, so this might become a career-ending problem for Jones. John Tait needs to come back soon.

No end zone: It would have been nice to see the Chiefs cross the goal line after getting such good field position throughout the game. That's something Kansas City struggled with at times during last season.

Trent Green: Green wasn't all that bad, but he completed only 3-of-7 passes for 39 yards. Almost threw an interceptions after overthrowing his receiver. It is nitpicking, but Green wasn't particularly sharp.

Review #2 from Chiefs Correspondent Nick Athan.

The only real flash in the Chiefs inaugural pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers came in the third quarter when even Mother Nature had seen enough as lightning pounded the Canton, Ohio area. With that, game officials cancelled the game between the Chiefs and Packers.

Nothing much was answered about the Chiefs in last night's game. Yes, Priest Holmes carried the ball five times for 14 yards. Eric Warfield had an interception and Dexter McCleon made a great tackle that caused a fumble and stopped a Packers drive.

Trent Green looked rusty and Todd Collins was somewhat impressive in throwing short passes. Back up fullback Omar Easy looked like a young Tony Richardson catching balls out of the backfield. Eric Hicks had a sack. Morten Andersen showed great distance as he nailed a 51-yard field goal and missed another 51-yard attempt that hit the right upright.

But the game came to a figurative halt with a neck injury to tackle Willie Jones. Jones, the 355-pound reclamation project of Dick Vermeil, laid motionless for nine minutes on the field as medical personnel attended to him. Jones collided with Packers linebacker Marcus Wilkens on what seemed like a routine play

Players on each sidelines watched as Jones lay motionless. It was a reminder to all of them as to the brutality of this game. Jones was removed from the field and sent to a local hospital. Jones regained some feeling in his arms and legs shortly after getting to the emergency room.

Jones had a neck injury last year that cut short his season and also caused a brief paralysis. The odds of Jones making the Chiefs this year appear to have taken a step back with the latest injury. Prior to the injury, Jones looked a bit slow and off balance. His weight has always been an issue and it's a lot to ask a man of his size to play that position.

But the game went on until the lightning hit.

For Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil and his staff, they were able to evaluate some players, in particular the offensive line. It's painfully obvious that the Chiefs have a major fall off with their tackles.

John Tait sat out with a sore ankle and Jones was hurt. The Chiefs have to find some depth in the event either Tait or Willie Roaf goes down for an extensive period of time. It's unlikely to assume that the tackles will play all 16 games for the Chiefs this year.

The Chiefs had to be impressed with the defense as they showed a tenacity to get to Brett Favre when hew as in the game. Hicks had a sack as did John Browning; free agent defensive end Vonnie Holliday forced Favre to release the ball early in his two sets.

Though the defense was vanilla it was nice to see them put pressure on the ball from the opening play. It was good to see the defense have a little swagger. They have a lot to prove this year.

What I was hoping to see in this game was the Chiefs trying to attack the middle of the field on offense. Tight end Tony Gonzalez wasused as a decoy in this game and that might have been by design.

But the Chiefs need Gonzalez to be a bigger impact this season and I expect they'll call a few more plays for him in the next two exhibition games.

The running game was also stagnant after Holmes sat down. Blaylock, Julian and rookie Larry Johnson carried the ball but none of them was effective. Blaylock had some huge holes open up but he was unable to move through them. Julian looked very tentative and Johnson ran straight up too often. But this was his first game and he'll learn.

This was also the debut of sideline reporter Lisa Guerrero. She handled herself very well and had the interview of the night when talking to Chiefs running back Priest Holmes.

He made it very clear to her and the Chiefs fans that he wants money. Chiefs officials were not happy with his comments during the game, but Holmes wanted them to know that a contract extension is still very much the top of his wish list.

Good news for Chiefs fans is the fact that Carl Peterson told ESPN that a contract extension would get done before the regular season.

The Chiefs have a short week as they prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers might be without their star quarterback Jeff Garcia who has been struggling with injuries in training camp. The game will mark the debut of headcCoach Dennis Erickson who took over Steve Mariucci who was released from his contract in the off-season.

The Chiefs reported several injuries after the game. Eric Hicks had a sprained ankle, defensive lineman John Browning and fullback Omar Easy both had knee sprains. It's not known how serious any of those injuries are at this time. Top Stories