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With 13 WR's in training camp, someone has to step up to become the clear choice as KC's number two receiver opposite Jeremy Maclin.

At the early stages of training camp begins for the Kansas City Chiefs, optimism reigns supreme. That’s particularly true of KC’s offense. With a solid offensive line, a trio of playmaking running backs and a steady quarterback, all this unit needs is a productive receiving crew and someone of the 13 in camp to step out of the shadows.

Last season the addition of Wide Receiver, Jeremy Maclin was a godsend for KC’s offense. He led the team in catches, yards and touchdowns. However, he didn’t get much help from the rest of his receiving teammates.

This year that has to change if Head Coach, Andy Reid intends to finally produce a well-rounded and unpredictable offense. As mentioned, the parts and pieces are in place for the Chiefs to be among the lead leaders in yards and points but question marks remain at the receiver position.

If that’s going to be the case, Maclin is going to need help. So which receiver might emerge from training camp to compliment Maclin and KC’s offense?

Tyreek Hill – I've already stated his talents are off the charts but on Saturday both Maclin and Quarterback, Alex Smith gushed over Hill’s speed.  However, Smith pointed out that his ability to catch the ball on underneath routes; might ultimately be the biggest weapon he can bring to the offense. Still he’s a rookie and as Maclin put it Saturday ‘the dog days of training camp’ are about to hit everyone.

Mike Williams – The veteran receiver finds himself in Kansas City after marginal success in Tampa Bay and Buffalo. A year ago he was suspended for the first six games and didn’t play a single snap in 2015. Now that could be a good thing. His body should be well rested, but it also means this stop in KC, might be his last chance to prove his rookie season and the two that followed with the Bucs were no flukes.

Albert Wilson – As readers of this blog know, I’m not a fan of Wilson. His lack of effort at times on the field is puzzling. His reluctance to go all out reaching balls makes his roster spot shaky at best. However, he does have talent and if he can properly channel his inner drive from low to high gear, he has a chance to regain the trust of his offensive coaches and make this roster.

DeAnthony Thomas – If you believe reports he was on the verge of quitting football after a wicked concussion ended his 2015 season, he’s in a fight to make the 2016 roster. Tyreek Hill is far superior at every level to Thomas who has to find the fighters mentality to get back into the NFL ring and punch back.

Rod Streater – The Chiefs invested quite a bit into Streater in the off-season. Even though it was a one-year deal, the former Raiders receiver, has all the tools to emerge as that number two receiver opposite Maclin. Of the 13 receivers on the roster, he has more potential than any of them at the onset of training camp.

Demarcus Robinson – I’m convinced in two years Robinson will be a starter for the Chiefs. However, his ability to understand and execute KC’s offense at the wee stages of his career, will determine how fast his path to NFL standout becomes for the Chiefs.  He has so much talent that it’s hard to understand why he wasn’t a first round pick. However, when you factor in his off the field issues and immaturity at Florida, it’s clear why he was a fourth round pick. Now he has a chance to put all that behind him and emerge as a play maker for KC’s offense.

Frankie Hammond – He’s become a fan favorite of Andy Reid. With that check box in hand, Hammond has received multiple chances to show off his talents the last couple of seasons. It’s clear he has some attributes that make his roster quest admirable. However, to beat out some of the talent he faces at the position in this camp, he’s going to have to be flawless in the month of August.

Da’Ron Brown – I’m probably in the minority but I’ve always felt the Chiefs made a draft day steal with Brown. He runs great routes, has solid hands and I believe he could become everything on the field that Albert Wilson aspires to become. He’s worth a long look in August and he should get plenty of chances to show off his talents in four pre-season games.

Chris Conley – If there is a mystery player on offense, it’s Conley. He played well last season for the Chiefs but didn’t emerge as the leading candidate to become Maclin’s running mate on the field. Though he has significant upside, I’ve yet to see that fire burn inside indicating he can become a breakout NFL player. I’m rooting for him and believe he can grow into a big time player for the Chiefs offense.

Kashif Moore, Mitch Mathews, Seantavius Jones – Of the three players mentioned, there is no question, Mathews has the best chance to emerge as a 53-man roster candidate. He was a stellar performer at BYU and he brings a world of ability and confidence to the roster that I predict will emerge as a roster buster coming out of training camp.

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