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Carl Peterson awards Priest Holmes a new contract and Lamar Hunt and Morten Anderson have a playful verbal exchange.

--Carl Peterson's decision to add another four years to the remaining three years of Priest Holmes' contract, as well as paying him $10 million in an option bonus, became easier after Peterson was convinced that Holmes was fully recovered from his Dec. 15 hip injury that knocked him out of the final two games of the season and required offseason microscopic surgery.

"Based upon the rehab on his hip, which has been magnificent, and his outstanding performance in training camp, all those elements made this an easy decision," Peterson said.

"In the offseason he did everything we asked him to do," Peterson added. "He might even have started out too fast (prompting a arthroscopic surgery in March), but the guy who operated on him was extremely pleased and our doctors are confident this hip will not be a problem again.

"In training camp he showed he could be knocked down, and he knocked people down and caught the ball and ran with it. We're very satisfied that (the hip) is no longer a problem."

Holmes also believes the hip is no longer a problem. He's says he's ready to handle 25 to 30 touches if the Chiefs need them against San Diego this week, but also says he doesn't think that workload will be necessary as the Chiefs expand their offense.

Holmes said he feel ready to again get 25 to 30 touches, running and receiving, if the Chiefs need him to do so against the Chargers.

"We've got other guys like (Marc) Boerigter and Dante Hall who are becoming more ingrained in this offense and who can score quickly," he noted. "We've got a lot of guys hungry to get some of my touchdowns this year."

Holmes also is delighted to have to have the contract issue -- which he says worried more people in the media than it did him -- is behind him.

"I can tell you is that I'm a happy man," Holmes said. "My kids will definitely be happy."

--Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt and 43-year-old placekicker Morten Andersen had a fun exchange of words at the annual Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon.

Hunt started things by commending the "76 young men" still on the Chiefs roster in the days before the final cut to 53. And then Hunt intentionally corrected himself.

"I think what I should have said was, 'Seventy-five young men and Morten Andersen,'" Hunt cracked.

"Everyone knows that Morten has a red complexion," Hunt added. "I want to dispel the rumor that he got it when his face was burned by the candles on his last birthday cake!"

Like any good-natured roastee, Andersen was ready when it came his turn to respond as the representative of the special teams.

"I find it ironic that Lamar Hunt talks to me about age," Andersen said of the 71-year-old Hunt. "I mean, the guy's had lunch with Alexander the Great!"

BY THE NUMBERS: 31 -- The Chiefs ranking among NFL teams in pass defense last year. 32 -- The Chargers ranking among NFL teams in pass defense last year. 5 -- the combined point differential of the two Chiefs-Chargers games, which the teams split last year.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "I know he was banged up recently, and that's probably why he's no longer there. But to me, he was always a pain in the ass. You just never could predict what he was going to do. I'm sure he'll make a great contribution to Miami." -- Dick Vermeil, speaking with backhanded respect, on the prospect of not having to face Junior Seau with the Chargers again. Top Stories