Chiefs Victory is Priceless

I don't need to read any more prognosticators by the so-called experts. I don't need to see anymore polls or rankings. The Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. This team is blessed, talented and winning games in every fashion possible. After their 40-34 OT victory over the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday, I can't see anyone standing in the way of this team getting to the Super Bowl.

Statistics don't lie. The Packers were 56-0 when leading by ten points or more at Lambeau field. They never lost when that happened. NEVER!

This game had so many heroes and goats. The defense was at best awful for three quarters. Brett Favre and the Packers offense ran up and down the field as if the Chiefs defense was not even in Lambeau field.

The Packers jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter but the Chiefs came back thanks in large part to Dante Hall. Though Hall didn't score a touchdown, he altered the Packers game plan. They kicked and punted the ball away from Hall all day long sacrificing field position.

Though it initially worked as the Chiefs could not take advantage of great field position; twice they had the ball at the 40-yard line to open drives and failed to get a first down.

But at the end of the first quarter, Trent Green and company went to work. With the Packers bottling up Priest Holmes, Green hit Tony Gonzalez for the teams first score.

On the next possession, Green kept hitting Johnnie Morton who was open on virtually every snap in the first half tying the score at 14-14.

The Chiefs withstood the Packers onslaught. They came out and fired all their guns on Kansas City and the score was tied. The Packers took a 21-14 halftime lead but Kansas City was still part of the game despite their woeful defense and their inability to rush the ball.

Kansas City came out of the locker room with little life. Green Bay scored another ten points and the Chiefs trailed 31-14 early in the fourth quarter.

But that's when the game changed.

In the NFL, players make plays that change the outcomes of games. Individuals step up and make a tackle, catch a pass or take advantage of mistakes.

In a span of five minutes in the final quarter, the Chiefs scored 17 unaswered points.

First, Priest Holmes scored his first touchdown in the last three games after a punt return by Hall led to outstanding field position. .

Second, when the Packers were driving, Jerome Woods intercepts a pass for a 79-yard touchdown when Green Bay appeared to be driving for yet another score.

Third, after a defensive stop, Green throws a bomb to Tony Gonzalez that lead to a Morton Andersen field goal.

The Packers had owned this game. The odds that Kansas City would comeback were as remote as Dick Vermeil not crying talking about his team.

But the fun was just about to begin. After both teams kicked field goals to send the game into overtime, more players stepped up.

The Chiefs thanks to right call on the coin flip took the ball first. Up until that time, Green Bay did an impressive job stopping Priest Holmes. But the $10 million man stepped up his game and ran the ball nine consecutive times.

Holmes put the Chiefs into field goal position and though Andersen had his 48-yard attempt blocked, Kansas City stepped up again.

This time it was the defense. Ahman Green fumbled into the arms of Mike Maslowski and the Chiefs had new life.

In one short play, Green finds Eddie Kennison for the 51-yard game winner.

The most impressive aspect of this game was the fact that Kansas City has yet to play a complete NFL game this season. Green was efficient in the first half but his confidence in the pocket was reminiscent of Len Dawson.

His cool when the Chiefs were down by 14 and 17 points respectively should silence all his critics. He threw three touchdowns and passes for 400 yards against a talented Packers secondary.

He carried the team when Holmes was unable to gain any yards in regulation. He made play after play after play when he had no other choice.

The defense broke down virtually the entire game but they won the turnover battle and that led to 14 points.

The Chiefs missed easy tackles and they still are over pursuing against the rush but they played better in the second half.

Yes there are problems on this team. They have to play better for sixty minutes. They must be more consistent on offense. They have to run the ball better between the tackles and abandon stretching the defense. Green must use the play action earlier in games to open up the offense.

The defense must tackle better. The coaching staff must make adjustments earlier in games and Kansas City has to start playing bump and run coverage and disrupting their opponents receivers.

Bit none of that matters today. They have eight days to correct their problems before the face the down and out Raiders next Monday Night!

For now the only number that matters is 51-1.

That 1 being deliciously priceless! Top Stories