Chiefs Cut Morris and Douglas

After missing the last two seasons with injuries, the Kansas City Chiefs released 2000 first round draft pick Sylvester Morris. Also we have the latest injury report from the Chiefs and Raiders.

Pursuant to the NFL/CBA a player can't be released under contract when he's injured. However, CBA does allow a team to make a medical settlement that awards the injured player a buyout of his contract thus making him a free agent.

Morris had a promising start to his NFL career. He set a Chiefs rookie record back in 2000 by catching 48 passes for 678 yards. He caught only three touchdowns his rookie season. Coincidentally they were all in one game against the San Diego Chargers.

Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil made the announcement on Wednesday and he says that Morris feels he's ready to play but not with the Chiefs. The Kansas City wide receiver corps is in good shape and to date has not had any significant injuries.

In other news, the Chiefs also came to an injury settlement with former Philadelphia free agent wide receiver Dameane Douglas. Douglas was hurt in a meaningless scrimmage against the Minnesota Vikings in August. Douglas was considered a lock to make the team as a special teams standout but the injury has set back his career.

Kansas City also cut tackle Tank Reese from their practice squad and added cornerback Willie Ford. Ford was with the Chiefs in training camp and with the injuries to William Bartee, Darrius Johnson and Julian Battle; the Chiefs needed another healthy cornerback in practice.

Chiefs / Raiders Injury Report

Chiefs CB Darrius Johnson - Knee (D) DE R-Kal Truluck - Ankle (D) LB Fred Jones - Foot (Q) LB Kawika Mithcell - Hamstring (Q) LB Sawn Barber - Quad (Q) DT John Browning - Toe (Q) WR Dante Hall - Shoulder (Q) DE Vonnie Holliday - Groin (Q) RB Priest Holmes - Shoulder (Q) T Willie Roaf - Ankle (Q)

Raiders G Frank Middleton - Quad (D) DT John Pirella - Groin (D) WR Jerry Porter - Abdominal (D) LB Bill Romanowski - Concussion(D) G Mo Collins - Knee (Q) S Anthony Dorsett - Elbow (Q) RB Ronney Jenkins - Ankle (Q) T Lincoln Kennedy - Calf (Q) TE O.J. Santiago - Hamstring (Q) C Matt Stinchcomb - Shoulder (Q) DT Dana Stubblefield Ankle (Q) DE Sam Williams - Knee (Q) S Rod Woodson - Knee (Q) S Derrick Gibson - Shoulder (P) LB Eric Johnson - Chest (P) Top Stories