Nine is the Number

<p>Nine is the number. The Chiefs are 9-0 and in accomplishing that record, they are just the ninth team in NFL history to begin a season with nine wins. Dante Hall had 15<b>9</b> return yards on the day. Trent Green completed 2<b>9</b> of his 42 passes. Cleveland threw for just 15<b>9</b> yards against the Chiefs. Priest Holmes had 1<b>9</b> carries for <b>9</b>2 yards. And so on.

And after nine games, the teams that are closest to the Chiefs in the drive for home field advantage through the post season are 7-2, as Indianapolis dropped a road game to the 2-7 Jaguars of Jacksonville.

Dante Hall nearly did it again, returning a kick 77 yards but he was tripped up short of the end zone and history. Hall has seven more games in which to set the single season NFL record for most kick returns in a season. He currently shares that record with four returns on the year.

If this was not the best game of Trent Green's career in Kansas City, it had to rank right up there.

Green's passer rating was off the charts, and he averaged 8.76 yards per attempt. He threw three touchdown passes to no interceptions and his TD pass to Eddie Kennison late in the game into double coverage was a thing of beauty.

Kennison brought back memories of ‘Break Dancin' 2: Electric Boogaloo' when he brought out ‘the worm' after the score.

Arrowhead was rockin' and all is right in the world.

Cleveland mustered just 169 yards of total offense on the day, though they scored 20 points. Three of those points came on a 50-yard field goal that opened the game's scoring.

KC recorded three sacks on the day as the defense played a great ballgame.

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