Kennison Needs to Work On Celebration Flop

There was dissension in the Chiefs locker room following their 41-20 blowout of Cleveland that raised their record to 9-0. Most of them centered around Eddie Kennison's celebration flop after he scored the final touchdown of the day for the Chiefs.

Chiefs receiver Johnnie Morton, it seems, took feigned exception to the way fellow wideout Eddie Kennison copied his "worm move," which Kennison broke out after his 27-yard fourth-quarter TD reception following a 28-yard Morton TD reception that brought the worm out.

"I worked hard on that move," a grinning Morton said of the celebration he did for the second time this year. "Then I saw what Eddie did with it. All I can say is, I'm butter and he's margarine -- just a cheap imitation."

"I'm fining him," added Morton, who expects to conduct a hearing at the next Kangaroo court. "Man, anyone who would do something like that deserves a fine."

Kennison, who had his best day of the season in catching seven passes for 115 yards, knew his version of the old-school break-dancing move fell far short of Morton's exacting standards.

"You know, it was just a spur of the moment thing," he said. "I'd seen Johnnie do it, so I thought to myself, 'Why not?' But I will admit, mine wasn't as good as his."

It was a day for levity after the Chiefs dominated Cleveland in a convincing performance, demonstrating that Kansas City lost none of its focus after taking an entire week off during its bye week.

The Chiefs ran up 438 yards -- their most this season in a non-overtime game. They scored on six straight possessions -- four TDs and two field goals -- and converted a team record 12 of 16 third-down opportunities. Trent Green completed 69 percent of his 42 passes against the league's second-best pass defense. Kansas City's defense held the Browns to just under 200 yards total offense. And special teams came just 16 yards short of seeing Dante Hall set an NFL record with a fifth kick return this year.

How good were things for the Chiefs against Cleveland? Well, consider that guard Brian Waters illegally caught a Green attempt to ground the ball, but turned it into a first down when a late-shot penalty against Cleveland superseded his illegal touching of the ball.

Green later threw an end-of-half red zone pass that illegally hit center Casey Wiegmann in the back, stopping the clock with four seconds left and the ball at the Browns 4. But, because referee Paul Morelli ruled that Green did not try to ground the ball -- Priest Holmes was in the vicinity -- and because it was a legally thrown pass, no 10-second runoff was permitted, and the Chiefs got a field goal and a 27-17 halftime lead.

The two passes to offensive linemen brought back memories of Kansas City's miracle win last year in Cleveland. Offensive tackle John Tait, remember, took a desperation lateral on what should have been the game's final play and rumbled 28 yards to set up the game-winning field goal after Dwayne Rudd's premature celebratory helmet throw gave the Chiefs a final shot at the game-winning field goal after the clock expired.

"I don't know if I've ever seen so many, big cheesy grins," said tight end Tony Gonzalez, who had seven receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown on a pass thrown to his shoe tops. "This season is just so much fun. We're not thinking about going 16-0 or to the Super Bowl or any of that stuff. We're just thinking about the next game." Top Stories