Chiefs Sunday: What's Up With Randy Cross?

CBS Analyst Randy Cross who will do the Chiefs game today with local broadcast hero Kevin Harlan, has upset a few Chiefs fans this season. On Sunday morning, his latest comments are sure to raise a few eyebrows as he once again proclaims that the Chiefs are not the best team in the NFL.

Cross told Kansas City Star columnist Jeffrey Flanagan that he felt the Tennessee Titans were the best team in the NFL. Cross has put his foot in his mouth all season when it comes to the Chiefs but he's really going to get everyone fired up with his latest comments.

"Before all the Chiefs fans have an aneurysm over the statement, I reiterate what I have said all year. The goal for every NFL team is to be in the hunt in December and make their push toward the playoffs."

After those comments, he tried to hit the Chiefs fans with a dose of reality.

"In today's unpredictable NFL, would you rather be the best in November or on February 1st?

What Cross and the other so-called NFL experts have to understand is that this team is focused and prepared to play the opponent on Sunday. Nobody is looking ahead and no one on this team is looking past the Bengals. The Chiefs are 9-0 for a reason because they've beaten every team on their schedule to date. They play one game at a time and this team knows the ultimate goal is a Super Bowl victory.

The Chiefs could care less about running the table. They care about beating the Cincinnati Bengals today. They'll worry about the rest after today's game.

As far as today's game, Cross once again follows the consensus of the national media. He believes it's possible for the Bengals to beat the Chiefs today.

"If you have any doubts about this Chiefs, check out (todays) game at Cincinnati when the KC defense see the Rudi Johnson powered Bengals offense; a power running game and one of the best wide receivers in Chad Johnson pose a serious threat to the Chiefs defense and undefeated streak.

For Cross its just the latest in a season in which he predicted the Chiefs would lose to the Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos. All those games were ‘Trap' games.

It's a good thing Chiefs fans don't take Cross to seriously. Or do they?

Game Day Notes

* Barring an unexpected turn of events right tackle John Tait will start of the Chiefs today. Tait who had a severely injured ankle sprain did practice on Friday and should be good to go. He will continue two streaks today if he manages to be on the field to start the game. Tait was on the field early today but despite his readiness, the Chiefs will use Marcus Spears at times to spell Tait.

It will mark the 25th consecutive game that the offensive line has started a game as a unit and continue the streak of Chiefs starters who have not missed a game this season. It's one of the primary reasons the Chiefs remain undefeated.

* The weather in Cincinnati is expected to be in the 50's and overcast. If it rains, the team who runs the ball will have the best chance of winning. In his last two games against the Bengals, Chiefs running back has amassed over 400 yards rushing. Holmes has not had a 100-yard rushing game in weeks but that could change today.

* Bengals running back Corey Dillon returned to the practice field on Friday and Saturday, he could play in today's game. Rudi Johnson has taken over the starting job for the much maligned Dillon. The Cincinnati fans have taken to Johnson. During last weeks victory over Houston, the local faithful were chanting ‘Rudi' in what was a reminiscent scene to the movie ‘Rudy.'

Former Notre Dame walk-on Rudy Rutteger won the hearts of Notre Dame fans in his final college game. Rutteger after the chants from the fans played in two plays against Georgia Tech to close out the game. He was carried off the field. Chiefs fans hope that Rudi Johnson does not do anything special that could duplicate that moment.

* For all the hype this game has caused nationally it's a bit mind-boggling that this is not the CBS game of the week. The feature game will be the New York Jets/Indianapolis Colts and their other high profile game will be the Baltimore Ravens/Miami Dolphins. It seems to me that this might be a better game than those two.

* Give kudos to wide receiver Chad Johnson and his statements guaranteeing a Bengals victory over the Chiefs on Sunday. The Bengals rewarded him with a new contract that includes a $10 million signing bonus.

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