Chiefs Insider: Notes, Quotes & Anecdotes

Those who remember history are blessed to repeat it.

OK, so that's not how the adage goes, though the Chiefs wish it were true. For it seems that way back in the 1969 season, the Chiefs lost their first game of the year, 24-19, to Cincinnati. That team rebounded to win Super Bowl IV.

This year's team, of course, lost its first game this season 24-19 last week to, of course, the Bengals.

Far from being an emotionally devastated team following their first loss last week, the Chiefs returned to work Monday -- the first time they didn't get a Victory Monday day off this year -- more angry than remorseful.

"A lot of guys are pissed off," said soft-speaking tackle Pro Bowl tackle Willie Roaf. "(The Bengals) were very cocky, but you take your hat off to them because they played with more energy and focus than we did.

"So, it's back to the drawing board for us. The good thing is, we're sitting at 9-1 with the best record in the league. We're still on top of things. We've had a humbling experience, but now it's time to come back to work and regain our focus."

Added kick returner Dante Hall: "Any time you get a bunch of pissed off guys, look out for the next game. That starts from the head man on down. The Raiders could have their hands full."

Kansas City's 9-1 start is not unprecedented in even recent team history. The 1995 Chiefs actually started the season 10-1 (after losing early in Week 4) en route to a 13-3 record and home-field advantage in the playoffs. They squandered it, however, with a 10-7 first-game loss to Indianapolis.

What was that we were saying about remembering history.

With one more victory, which should come sometime in the next six weeks, Dick Vermeil will become just the fourth coach in NFL history to win 10 games in a season with three different teams. Chuck Knox (LA Rams, Buffalo, Seattle), Dan Reeves (Denver, Giants and Atlanta) and Bill Parcells (Giants, New England and Jets) are the other three.

BY THE NUMBERS: 10 -- Kansas City's streak of consecutive home victories, one short of a team record, that began with a 20-10 win over Oakland on Oct. 27, 2002. 14 -- the number of points the Chiefs have yielded during their 10-game home winning streak. 0-2 -- Rick Mirer's record as a starter at Arrowhead. 1994 -- the last time Mirer started at game at Arrowhead (with Seattle).

QUOTE TO NOTE: "The sun didn't shine; there was a thunderstorm instead. But, I did hear the world's still spinning." -- DE Eric Hicks, who promised friends and family that the sun would still be shining the day after the Chiefs first loss, upon waking Monday morning to a severe thunderstorm. Top Stories