War of Words Continues Between Chiefs and Broncos

You'd think we were watching an episode of ‘All My Children.' First bozo <I>Denver Post</I> columnist Mark Kizla called the Chiefs a fraud at 11-1, now Chiefs wide receiver Eddie Kennison calls the Broncos scared. The Broncos have inslulted the Chiefs all week in hopes they could get some extra mileage for what could be a Chiefs Mile High massacre of Denver on Sunday.

For the record, I've never met Mark Kizla and I've only read his recent articles about the Chiefs for the sheer entertainment factor. But this guy is all about shock and bull, he might be the worst writer on the planet but I give him props for knowing who to kick to sell papers.

However, his article should be read with a grain of salt and used in the bathroom when there is no toilet paper left. He riled Chiefs fans up with his ‘Fraud' comments and made the local Kansas City talk show circuit claiming the Chiefs are not one of the top six teams in the NFL. He claimed they would puke all over themselves in the first round of the playoffs and he sold more newspapers in Denver.

layers such as Broncos linebacker Al Wilson bit back claiming that Denver is a better team and that they were a better team on the field when the two teams met in week five. Yes the Broncos outscored the Chiefs but they lost on the scoreboard. In the NFL, even multimillionaires need to understand the only statistic that matters is the score when the clock hits double-zero.

Recently suspended defensive end Darryl Gardener ripped Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan for basically being a jerk, control freak and a series of other things that can't be repeated. Reading between the lines, the noose is getting tighter on Shanahan.

But last night Chiefs wide receiver Eddie Kennison broke his silence from the Chiefs locker room. For the past three days, Broncos media and players have been disrespecting the Chiefs. Now Kennison fired back.

"We're going to put some on their (rear end)," said Kennison, responding to Broncos comments about Denver being the better team. "You don't think I'm serious? I'm about to get emotional just thinking about it."

Kennison after that banter posted a few more comments.

"Every time we play those guys, they're always talking noise in the paper, saying somebody's going to get hurt. When you're scared, that's when you say something. They'd better get ready because we're the best team in the National Football League right now. They'd better understand that, and they'd better respect that."

Kennison even claimed the reason the John Elway retired was because of his hatred for Shanahan. The fact that Shanahan has not been back to the playoffs since Elway retired might be a factual claim based on the Broncos lack of playoff appearances since the great one decided to hang up his cleats.

These two teams hate each other and it the Broncos have become the Chiefs primary rival replacing the Raiders.

But what I find amusing is the Denver media. With two newspapers the Post and the Rocky Mountain News, they have spent considerable time ripping Shanahan, Plummer and the rest of the Broncos. Now they are turning their attention to the Chiefs while admitting that the Broncos are not a very good team but that matters very little in this game.

To a writer, they all believe the team that lost 19-10 to the Chicago Bears at home in cold weather can beat the Chiefs in an old fashioned whipping on Sunday.

Kizla has ripped the Chiefs schedule but its virtually the same and the Broncos opened the season playing patsies and struggled ever since the Chiefs beat them.

But that matters little to Kizla and the other Denver columnists because its getting old to write about the Broncos flawed team and their big mouths. It's a non-story because the team sits 7-5 and must win 11 games to get into the playoffs.

Instead of ripping the Chiefs they should be talking about Jake Plummer and the fact he's never won a BIG game in his NFL career. If not for the legs of Clinton Portis the Broncos might only have three wins going into this game.

But this is not about facts or logical thinking but instead it's about who can print, say and write the best job about an opposing player or team.

I don't know of the Chiefs will win on Sunday but they sure have plenty of reasons to whip up on the Broncos. If I were a betting man, you always bet on the contender and not the pretender.

The Broncos are not a very good team and position by position the Chiefs have more talent. That doesn't mean they'll beat the Broncos because in the NFL anything can happen on any given Sunday.

For the Denver media and Kizla in particular, a Chiefs win still won't give them credit in his eyes nor the rest of the NFL. All I know is that Kansas City is far superior team then the one that plays in Denver.

They have better coaching, players and management. If the Broncos lose, then the fans and media will be screaming for Shanahan to leave Denver. That's good news for fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers who want to lure Shanahan to Lincoln. He turned down the Florida Gators job a few years ago but that might be an enticing change of pace for the overrated coach.

In the NFL you win with better players. The Broncos did that in the 90's winning back to back Super Bowls. But in 2003, the Chiefs are clearly the better team and Kizla and the Broncos players know it but aren't men enough to admit it.

As for Sunday, bring on the war on the field. On Monday, we'll continue the war of words and another chapter of the Chiefs-Broncos saga will be played out after a Chiefs win that will clinch the AFC West and put the Broncos players in a position to start making vacation plans in January.

They won't be playing any meaningful games next month accept maybe board games with their kids.

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