Larry Johnson Arrested

Chiefs running back and 2003 first round NFL draft pick Larry Johnson was arrested early this morning at his home.

Kansas City Chiefs first round draft pick Larry Johnson was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with one count of aggravated assault and one count of agrrivated battery by Johnson County, Kansas prosecutors. If convicted, Larry Johnson could be sentenced to three years in jail.

There are reports that he may have had an alleged confrontation with his girlfriend at his Leawood home. He was arrested at 1:30am on Friday and booked at 4:30am. He was to have some type of hearing today at 2:30pm CST.

The alleged victim was a former girl friend of Johnson who he knew while attending college at Penn State University.

According to Johnson's attorney, he states that the gun found by poilce was registered and their was no evidence that the gun was loaded.

Johnson is expected to be released Friday afternoon.

Chiefs Head coach Dick Vermeil refused comment about the Johnson incident.

Chiefs President Carl Peterson, just back from league meetings told the media that he would talk to Vermeil about any possible suspensions in regards to Johnson.

It should be noted that Johnson is innocent until proven guilty. However, Johnson's attorney did mention that his client could pleade no contest and request a diversion program so he would not have to serve any jail time.

The attorney also stated that the alleged victim was not living with Johnson in Kansas City.

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