32 Defense Returns as Broncos win 45-27

Clinton Portis scores five touchdowns as the 32 defense returns. Denver embarrasses the Chiefs 45-27 but even with the loss managed to qualify for the playoffs. However, the loss was costly as the New England Patriots hold the top spot for home field advantage in the playoffs.

Kansas City wasted a golden opportunity as the defense failed to shut down the Broncos offense the entire game.

Kansas City defensive coordinator Greg Robinson should take all the blame as he never made one single adjustment. He never addressed or had anyone shadow Jake Plummer on his ball fakes and the team did a poor job of tackling Portis.

With the loss, Kansas City no longer is in control of their own destiny for home field advantage but they did clinch a playoff spot. They now need help to get the top spot and the Patriots are very clearly the best team in the AFC. .

Kansas City faces an uphill battle for home field advantage with the loss to Denver. The Chiefs lose all head to head tie-breakers with the Patriots. The Chiefs end their AFC Conference record at 10-2 for the season and that might not be enough to overtake the Patriots or Colts if the teams tie at the end of the season.

New England is now tied for the best record with Kansas City at 11-2 record. The Chiefs with the loss stay one game ahead of the Indianapolis Colts who beat the Titans on the road to secure the second spot in the playoffs.

The Patriots have three AFC games left and if the Chiefs win out the rest of their games, New England would have to lose one of their last three in order for Kansas City to get the top spot in the post season. They way they are playing that might not happen. The Patriots have won nine games in a row and they look unbeatable.

As for today's game, the star of this game was running back Clinton Portis. He ran all over the Chiefs weak defensive line and with no play out of their linebackers and safeties, Plummer and Portis moved the ball at will and Kansas City gave up 509 yards to Denver. .

Trent Green was sharp in the first half as he passed for over 200 yards and even found Eddie Kennison for a 41-yard touchdown pass that gave them a 21-17 halftime lead. Priest Holmes started the scoring by running for two touchdowns but Denver was up to the task and scored on all three of their first offensive possessions as the defense never made a statement.

In the second half, Clinton Portis added two more touchdowns on runs of 59, 26 and 53-yards as he scored three second half touchdowns. The Chiefs had no answer for Portis in the second half as they were out of position defensively and did their poorest job of tackling to date. That defense is not super enough for the Chiefs to make a serious run in the post season. They were out of position and to intent on taking on blockers instead of making plays.

Defensive ends Vonnie Holiday and Eric Hicks continually bit on play fakes and were not factors the entire game. They over-pursued on defense and failed to adjust to his ball fakes all game long.

Chiefs rookie linebacker on all three of the Portis touchdowns in the second half took on blockers that opened up gaps for each touchdown run. It's obvious that he's not ready to perform in the NFL. The Chiefs needed him to step up and the fact that Mike Maslowski can't stay healthy is going to be a problem in the post season.

Dick Vermeil now faces an uphill battle getting his team to regroup from the massacre in Denver. On Sunday, the Chiefs performed at a level that makes it necessary to win out their final three games or they'll be the third seed in the post season.

Green has to take some of the blame. In the opening possession of the second half on a third and seven play and went for the home run on a long pass to Marc Boerigter. That ill-advised pass gave Denver confidence.

I thought Green was also to reliant on Dante Hall as a receiver and he did not use Tony Gonzalez or Eddie Kennison enough. Johnnie Morton dropped another big pass that would have given the Chiefs a first down before Portis scored this fourth touchdown of the game. It's clear he can't make the big catch when his team needs it.

It's a shame and Vermeil has to be disappointed and concerned that the Chiefs are not playing their best football in December. Considering the Chiefs had 44 yards of offense and that was not enough to be competative.

There are no more players the Chiefs can draft, sign or add to the roster but their lack of aggressiveness on defense and their shoddy offensive play calling in the second half.

This game not only cost the Chiefs a shot to secure home field advantage but they gave hope to the Denver Broncos that they can be a factor in the playoffs. The Chiefs would be hard pressed to beat the Broncos a second time this season at home or on the road.

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