Chiefs Broncos Report Card

The coaching staff needs a note from the principal after the Broncos game.

PASSING OFFENSE: B -- Trent Green had the best day among NFL quarterbacks with his 34-47-0 accuracy that included a money TD throw of 42 yards to Bronco-motivator Eddie Kennison to put KC up 21-17 just before halftime. But Green, who had 200 yards passing at halftime, was inexplicably inconsistent in the second half before running up too many yards in mop-up time, the point after Denver had taken a 45-21 lead.

RUSHING OFFENSE: D -- When the Chiefs fell behind 31-21 late in the third quarter, Holmes became a forgotten man, as evidenced by his season-low 44 yards on only 12 carries.

PASS DEFENSE: D -- Kansas City never did figure out how to contain Denver QB Jake Plummer, who is still bootlegging untouched to find time to complete 20 of 29 passes for 238 yards and one TD without a pick. Chief-beater Rod Smith struck again with 7-85, and TE Shannon Sharpe had his usual way with the Chiefs on a 6-73 day.

RUSH DEFENSE: D -- It's not an F only because Kansas City actually did a good job against Portis in the first half when he was held to 30 yards rushing on 11 carries. But Denver's offensive line did everything it was against KC defenders in the second half when Portis dashed off TD runs of 59, 28 and 53 yards to go with his two shorter first-half TDs. Denver averaged an incredible 8.4 a rush, with Portis running at a 9.9-yard clip on his own.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- The only highlight. Dante Hall's 61-yard kickoff return should have gone the distance for his record-setting fifth TD this year, but he was pulled down from behind after a 61-yard scamper that set up KC's go-ahead TD at 21-17. Punter Jason Baker had his best day in Denver's thin air with a 46-yard average and net figure. Kick coverage was good all day. COACHING: F -- The Chiefs were outcoached in almost every phase. Al Saunders' offense made three Denver first-half drives with corresponding ones of their own, but the Chiefs seemed to forget anything that worked in the first half after when fell behind in the second. Greg Robinson's defense was simply awful. At one point in the second half there was total confusion before the snap and KC had to take a timeout to be coordinated. Given time to regroup, KC saw Portis score from 28 out on the next play. Top Stories