Vermeil Close to Unveiling His Coaching Future

Kansas City fans have been wondering since training camp if this would be the last year Dick Vermeil coaches the Chiefs. It appears we will all know his decsion in the near future.

In his weekly radio show on local Kansas City affiliate KCFX Monday evening, Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil indicated that he's likely to make an announcement about coaching the Chiefs beyond this season in short order.

Vermeil indicated on Inside the NFL just last week that he was feeling the pressure to make a decision about his coaching future. Vermeil and his entire coaching staff are under contracts through the remainder of this season.

When asked tonight by a caller on his weekly radio show, Vermeil said that he expected to make an announcement before the season ended. However, he did not make it clear if that announcement would come before the end of the regular season or sometime during the playoffs.

When talking about his future, he made it clear that he'd like to see offensive coordinator Al Saunders eventually succeed him as the Chiefs head coach. But that decision rests solely in the hands of team President and General Manager Carl Peterson.

Vermeil has recently admitted to being a bit worn down as the season has gone on but he does not want to drag the out the decision for his family or the families of his assistant coaches.

It's presumed that Vermeil, if he stays, will retain most of his coaching staff. Many fans would like to see some changes to the defensive staff. But Vermeil throughout his career has reamined very loyal to each and every coach on his staff. He does not make changes lightly.

Vermeil in the end will do what's best for the Chiefs organization. And if the current problems on the defense don't get corrected over the next three weeks, Vermeil will make the correct decsion about retaining defensive coordinator Greg Robinson.

Regardless of which direction Vermeil is leaning, he has successfully restored the integrity of the Chiefs organization that had been missing before his arrival in 2001.

It's been a long and turbulent ride for the Hunt family and the organization the last six years. Vermeil in his third year of coaching in Kansas City has the Chiefs in a position for a Super Bowl run after winning the AFC West title for the first time since the 1997 season.

Vermeil did give a hint as to which direction he is leaning in the decision process when he indicated deep down he already knew the answer. But he wanted to take a little more time before letting the rest of us in on his future.

He once again referred to making a hasty decision to leave the Rams after their 1999 Super Bowl victory. He has said on many occasions that he made an emotional decision to retire back then and he did not want to make the same mistake this time in regards to staying on as the Chiefs head coach after this season. Top Stories