Chiefs Injury Update: Maz Will Be Ready

Chiefs defense will be at full strength for their first playoff game as Maslowski and Warfield will be back in the starting lineup.

MLB Mike Maslowski is expected to be healthy finally when the Chiefs play next on Jan. 11 in the second-round of the AFC playoffs. Maslowski missed six games with a sprained knee, and the Chiefs' rushing defense problems magnified in his absence.

CB Eric Warfield reported significant improvement in his injured back after receiving an epidural injection prior to the Chicago game, which he missed. He anticipates being ready to return to his starting corner spot when the Chiefs play next on Jan. 11.

CB William Bartee, a 2003 starter who lost his job to preseason injury and the arrival of veteran Dexter McCleon, played what coach Dick Vermeil called "the best game he's had since I've been here" in the 31-3 regular-season finale win over Chicago.

The attaboy was big for Bartee, whose confidence had to have been shaken when he couldn't get a sniff at his starting job while McCleon and Eric Warfield both stayed healthy. But when Warfield missed the Chicago game with a bad back, Bartee stepped up nicely in the grading of his coaches.

RB Priest Holmes, in addition to breaking the NFL single-season record for TDs with 27, also recorded the fourth-highest single-season point total in league history.

Ironically, he only finished second in scoring this year behind Rams kicker Jeff Wilkins, whose 163-point total was one more than Holmes' and was the third-best total in NFL history. Holmes is the highest-scoring non-kicker, however. League record holder Paul Hornung got his 176 points on 15 TDs as a runner, 15 field goals and 41 PATS as a kicker. Top Stories