Chiefs and Robinson Show Class In Resignation

After the season ending loss to Indianapolis on Sunday, Greg Robinson entered Dick Vermeil's office and expressed his feelings on possibly resigning if that's what was best for the team.

"If you think the right thing for me to do is resign, then I will do that," Robinson told Vermeil.

Vermeil threw up his arms and told Robinson to not even think about it. Robinson reiterated to the Chiefs head coach to go home and give it some thought.

Vermeil did. And today an emotional Dick Vermeil and Greg Robinson announced their decision; that Robinson would not be back as Chiefs defensive coordinator in 2004.

I'm very disappointed it ended the way it did," Vermeil said. "I love the guy. I'm gonna miss him."

While Vermeil could have stuck his neck out for Robinson as he did last year, this time Robinson took the pressure off Vermeil. Today Robinson took one for the team.

To his credit, when asked following Sunday's game if he took full responsibility for the defensive performance in the loss, Robinson replied "Darn right I do."

The business of sports is a high-pressure, high-stakes business. And when the job doesn't get done, you lose your job - that's how it works - that's what happened today.

And whether it be through press conference or press release, coaches are fired and resign all the time.

Vermeil, who is loyal to his coaches to the very end, showed today that he has without a doubt, single-handily changed everything about the way the Kansas City Chiefs organization does business.

They now do business with class, every day, every time.

Let's go back. Following the 2000 season, Gunther Cunningham found out he was being fired while browsing around the Internet in his office at Arrowhead Stadium. Cunningham immediately started cleaning out his office and promptly left the premises.

Cunningham would later have a face-to-face meeting with Carl Peterson who informed him of the decision.

But today, unlike three seasons ago, Vermeil, Robinson and the Chiefs organization all showed class. And they did it the right way. Top Stories