Robinson and Chiefs Part Ways

Tuesday afternoon was an eventful day at Arrowhead Stadium, especially considering that the Chiefs season is over.

Two days after an embarrassing defensive performance in the playoffs, defensive coordinator Greg Robinson offered his resignation and Dick Vermeil emotionally accepted it.

Reports have indicated that Robinson actually offered his resignation on Sunday afternoon after a 38-31 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, but Vermeil apparently stunned, agreed to wait 24 hours on a decision. After much thought and deliberation, Vermeil decided that he had to let Robinson go, and it was announced Tuesday at a press conference.

Both men were very emotional about the decision, and rightfully so. They are both quality men, who work extremely hard. Robinson, like Vermeil, is genuinely liked by the defensive players, but his schemes and theories were not. They also are very close friends, but fortunately they both agreed that the Kansas City Chiefs would be better served without Greg Robinson as defensive coordinator.

Robinson and Vermeil tossed their friendship aside and did what was best for the Kansas City Chiefs. The players know longer wanted to play under Robinson's goofy system, and the fans could no longer tolerate a defense that routinely ranked in the bottom five of the NFL. If Robinson had stayed next season, the pressure would have been enormous on him and the defense.

The Chiefs right now have the best offense in the league. Over the last two seasons, they have averaged 30 points, and established numerous team records. As good as their offense has been, their defense has been equally as bad.

In three of Kansas City's last five games, the Chiefs surrendered 38 points or more. Both Denver and Minnesota could have easily rang up fifty on the Chiefs if they wanted to, but instead chose to run the clock out. Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning indicated that after a week of study he knew exactly what type of defense the Chiefs would run on a particular play.

The writing was obviously on the wall for Greg Robinson. In three years, his defense never ranked above 23rd in the NFL. Their rush defense never ranked above 24th, and this year's version allowed close to five yards per carry. If an opposing running back did not rush for 100 yards against the Chiefs, it was a surprise.

Now the question looms, where do the Chiefs go from here? They need a defensive coordinator that can devise a scheme that will utilize the strengths of this defense. Fans, as well as players, do not want to see Vonnie Holliday and R-Kal Truluck in pass coverage. The Chiefs need a coach that will come in and be aggressive, and force them to "hit people in the mouth."

Current candidates for Robinson's replacement appear to be Peter Guinta, current Chiefs defensive-backs coach, current Chiefs linebackers coach Joe Vitt, and Tennessee Titans linebackers coach, Gunther Cunningham. All three are worthy candidates. The Chiefs would also like to speak with former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dave McGinnis.

Cunningham has years of experience as a coordinator, and spent a number of successful years with the Chiefs. The fans loved him and his style as defensive coordinator. He knows the players and he would definitely employ an aggressive style. McGinnis is just as fiery as Cunningham and either would be a good fit for Vermeil's coaching style.

Vermeil and the Chiefs should take their time on choosing Robinson's replacement, because their window of opportunity may only be one more year. Top Stories