Chiefs Bring Back Gunther

The Chiefs have a new defensive coordinator in town, and his name is Gunther Cunningham. Various reports have indicated that the Chiefs have agreed to a two-year deal with their former head coach.

Yesterday, head coach Dick Vermeil traveled to Tennessee to meet with the Titans linebacker coach about possibly returning to Kansas City as head of the defense. It is a position Cunningham held on Marty Schottenheimer in the late 1990's before becoming the team's head coach in 1999.

Vermeil came away from that meeting impressed stating, "I enjoyed the visit. We talked philosophy, ideas, all those kinds of things. It was a good meeting."

Cunningham led the daunting Chiefs defense of the mid-to-late 1990's, and received much acclaim. Known widely as a tireless worker and fierce competitor, Cunningham had the respect of his defensvie players. That is something former defensive coordinator Greg Robinson ultimately lost.

Next season's defense under Cunningham will be markedly different from the defense Chiefs fans have witnessed the last three seasons. Cunningham is not afraid to take risks, is extremely aggressive and demands a lot from his players. Players such as R-Kal Truluck and Vonnie Holliday will no longer be dropping into pass coverage.

This has been a big weekend for the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only did they sign offensive coordinator Al Saunders to a new deal, thus ensuring offensive continuity, but they significantly upgraded their defense. Cunningham will make an immediate difference, and the players will embrace him.

With the offense the Chiefs have, a mediocre defense is all they need to reach the Super Bowl. Gunther Cunningham will give Kansas City more than mediocrity. He will bring an intensity and respectability back to Kansas City's defense. That is the perfect tonic for Kansas City's 2004 Super Bowl run. Top Stories