NFL Combines: Chiefs Rumblings

NFL Insiders, Lane Adkins, reports that the Chiefs continue to show interest in Washington Redskins cornerback Champ Bailey. But that's not all that we're hearing at the NFL combines.

As we first reported last week, rumors continue to suggest the Chiefs might be interested in acquiring Washington Redskins cornerback Champ Bailey.

According to an NFL Insiders report, Kansas City could be one of the players for Bailey. However, if they want to get a deal done with the Resdskins, Kansas City will have to part part ways with their first round draft pick (#30). But that might not be enough to get a deal done with Washington, according to a recent report.

According to, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder wants at least two draft picks for Bailey. The team most mentioned in trade talks to date has been Detroit. But the Lions don't want to part with their first round draft pick in Aprils draft. The Lions in desperate need to upgrade numerous positions on offense over spent last year for free agent cornerback Dre' Bly. To secure Bailey, the Lions would have to increase the amount of money paid to Bly. With major needs at running back, offensive line and wide receiver, the Lions might not be a serious player in the Bailey sweepstakes unless they want to part with the sixth overall pick. That might not be something they are willing to do at this point.

The Redskins after franchising Bailey earlier this week currently sit $1.2 million under the projected cap of $80.5 million after franchising Bailey, factoring in the money owed to soon to be acquired quarterback Mark Brunell and the eventual release of defensive end Bruce Smith.

Jack Reale, who represents Bailey, left the combines on Friday evening after talking to several teams that could have included the Chiefs. Reale left Indianapolis convinced he could get a deal done for his client. But the Redskins have to be willing to part ways with Bailey and from all reports that might not be an issue any longer.

As Lane Adkins reported this morning, Troy Vincent continues to be a fall back for the Chiefs in the event Kansas City can't make a deal for Bailey. Though Vincent is not the same caliber of cornerback as Bailey, the Chiefs are convinced he could be a solid addition to the Chiefs defensive backfield. Expect Vincent to be one of the first players that visits the Chiefs when the free agency doors open.

As a follow up to yesterday's report on Drew Henson, we've learned that his name continues to perk the ears of the Chiefs at the combines. With the price for Henson dropping faster than a box of rocks in water, the Chiefs might be willing to part with their second round pick in the 2005 draft for the rights to Henson. That appears to be the asking price of the Houston Texans who hold his draft rights.

The only snag could be the fact that his agent, Tom Condon wants to recoup the $12 million signing bonus Henson was forced to give back to the New York Yankees when they parted ways earlier this month. However, Condon won't get that kind of money for Henson because technically Henson is a sixth round pick and must sign a contract based on his draft position from 2003.

Condon must be creative in any deal that's structured for the team that acquires Henson but he must also find the right team for Henson or his value could be decreased by the time he's ready to start in the NFL.

As for Kansas City, they would like to start the grooming process with a young quarterback who could eventually replace Trent Green. Though Green is doing his best Len Dawson impersonation; he's not getting any younger.

Most NFL scouts believe that Henson is at least two years away from vying for a starting NFL job. That time table could be perfect for the Chiefs since Green will be 34 years old when the 2004 season starts.

Condon has become the agent for the elite quarterbacks in the NFL and he believes that Henson under the right system could be another solid addition to his stable of young guns.

The Chiefs might believe the same thing and remain very interested in trying to work out a deal for Henson.

However, if Henson is not traded by draft day; he'll lose any leverage at being a free agent and would be eligible to be drafted by any NFL team.

Now Henson is not the only option for the Chiefs. Kansas City has shown interest in North Carolina State Quarterback Phillip Rivers. He lit up the Kansas Jayhawks in the Wolfpack's 55-26 Tangerine Bowl victory back in December. NFL scouts believe he's the sleeper quarterback in the NFL draft.

He's projected as a second round pick and the San Diego Chargers who also have been talking with Rivers could be in for a dog fight with Kansas City over Rivers. If the Chiefs are interested in him they might consider drafting Rivers with their #30th pick in the event it's not traded away for Bailey.

Yes they need defensive help but depending on their activity in free agency, Rivers might be a solid choice.

Another free agent target for the Chiefs could be Cleveland Browns wide receiver Dennis Northcutt. In our March issue of Warpaint Illustrated the Magazine, we feature the possible wide receiver free agent targets for the Chiefs and Northcutt made our cut.

He's not one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL but he has good hands, does not drop passes and runs crisp routes. Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil has made it very clear that he'd like to add at least one stud wide receiver in free agency or the draft.

With Johnnie Morton struggling in back to back seasons since signing the Chiefs back in 2002, he could be eligible to be released June 1st when unwanted veterans usually get the boot.

Northcutt is younger and has a reputation for being a solid locker room guy. He's been under-utilized by the Browns mostly due to the revolving door at quarterback in Cleveland.

He led the Browns in receptions with 62 last year but only managed to find the end zone twice. But that's not a concern for the Chiefs, they need a wide receiver who can make a tough third down catch, go over the middle and who does not have a propensity for putting the ball on the ground.

However the Chiefs might not be the only Missouri team interested in Northcutt. Word out of the NFL Combine is that the St. Louis Rams have also their eyes on Northcutt. Top Stories